CYCLING Get your kids mountain biking…if just for the lingo!  BY DAVE BROWN “Man, I was doing a grinder on a half-track vegetable tunnel when a bear trap gave me a shark bite. So I superman to a soil sample, my sneakers potato chip, and bam! it’s a yard sale everywhere. It was awesome!” [translation] “Friend, I was riding a difficult and long uphill climb on an a very narrow dirt track through some heavily overgrown foliage when my foot slipped off, caused the pedal to crack into my shin, and chain grease to leave a mark on my calf. I then flew over the handlebars of my bicycle, did a face plant into the dirt, and my tire got severely bent causing my gear to be scattered everywhere. It was awesome!” Mountain biking. This is a sport all right . . . and most certainly one just perfect for your kids. Get them that mountain bike they’ve always wanted, hit the trails around the region, and encouraging them to start practising their mtb lingo. Yes, the world of cycling has evolved over the years from the neighbourhood streets we rode for hours on end to today’s numerous dirt trails. Mountain biking is a hugely popular sport with a great community feeling. Here are some tips to ease your children into it and get them hooked for life: STARTING OUT Let’s assume your child has experience riding around the neighbourhood and is now keen to take it up a notch. As a responsible parent, the right equipment and the right approach go hand in hand. This means you’ll want to get your child involved in the entire process from picking the bike to the gear. For off-roading, get the biggest wheels they can handle and ensure the frame is properly sized. Next, depending on your budget, get quality components such as quick-release skewers, shifters and brakes. By visiting any of the specialty bike stores in the region they’ll ensure they’re properly geared-up. Generally though, if the kids are under the age of 10 keep them out of clipless pedals, it’s too scary. Instead, focus on investing in a good lightweight bike either new or second-hand. C y cle Freel y PEDAL EASY Our bikes “lure” you into cycling more… all the health benefits and pure joy of cycling, with none of the drudgery of steep hills and headwinds. Want to cycle with a partner but have trouble keeping up? No problem, even if your partner is an Olympic athlete. RIDE THE RIVER VOGUEZ EN VILLE How is this possible? Our bikes combine an ultra-light-weight power system with a light-weight touring frame and high-end bicycle components. They are power-assisted, but in feel and appearance they are first and foremost a bicycle. Family parade and picnic! Sunday, September 10 th 2017 Try-to-buy! We manufacture these bikes right here in Ottawa. Contact us and we will bring a bike over for you to try…or call to visit our shop. T. (613) 808 .8393 06 | OTTAWAOUTDOORSMONTHLY Parade with us downtown on the Ottawa River. Boat or no boat, we’ll have space for everyone! All watercrafts welcome! Bring your costumes, smiles, friends and family. Hosted by Organisé par