GOLF TIP PITCHING FROM THE ROUGH BY GORD PERCY LEFT – This shot is often required to get the ball out of, or over, trouble such as rough, sand, or water. The ball is placed closer to the middle of your stance and your weight should be 50/50 to start with. Hold down on the club a bit for control. This setup and shot are just mini-versions of your normal full swing. MIDDLE – The backswing should not be as long as a full swing. You want to control distance by how far back you take the club. You should feel some wrist hinge and your weight should shift to your back foot, just as you should in a full swing. If you are in trouble on the course, use this technique to get yourself back safely to the fairway. RIGHT – You should feel some ground contact as you come forward to the ball. Accelerating past the ball is a must to ensure you get the ball up into the air and the club through the rough. Your follow-through should at least match the length of your backswing and you should finish with most of your weight on the front foot. Helping businesses get Ready for the Workday ® 800.CINTAS1 | UNIFORMS | FACILITY SERVICES | FIRST AID & SAFETY WWW.OTTAWAOUTDOORS.CA | 21