Top 10 tips for new car campers

Our Learn to Camp leaders offer some great advice to new or inexperienced campers , from successful packing to professional marshmallow handling . Read their top 10 tips :
Hello , we ’ re Grace and Jamieson ! We ’ re Learn to Camp leaders at Bronte Creek Provincial Park and , between us , we have 39 years of camping experience . If you are new to camping or have just gone a few times , check out our top 10 camping tips :
1 . If this is your first time camping , it is better to bring more than it is less . Be prepared and bring a lot so that you ’ ll learn what you need and don ’ t need for future trips .
2 . Plan out your site before you begin setting up . Things to remember : put your tent on high ground so that water doesn ’ t run off into it , check above your site for dead branches , and make sure you don ’ t set up anything close to the fire .
3 . Hammer your pegs into the ground at a 45-degree angle away from your tent or shelter because it takes a lot less work and is sturdier .
4 . Don ’ t overfill your mattress because you don ’ t want it to leak . After filling your mattress you should be able to kneel on it with one knee and have your knee sink about halfway down to the ground . Another neat trick is putting your knee on your mattress as you fill it up and then stopping when your knee is lifted up halfway .
5 . Check your equipment before using it for the first time or for the first time in a while this way you ’ ll know how to use your equipment and be able to make sure it is working and you can set it up quickly . It will also make life easier if when you are setting up it is raining or on really sunny days .
6 . It is always nice to have a kitchen bin where you store everything you need to cook , eat , and clean with .
7 . Animal-proof your site by throwing out your garbage and putting away any food back into your car this way you won ’ t have any unwanted visitors .
8 . Make sure you use quality products for your camping experience .
9 . Don ’ t shake your marshmallows if they catch of fire . Instead , calmly blow them out . If you shake them , they can fly off and land on someone you like ( and they may not like you as much after that !). Also , if you don ’ t like burnt marshmallows and you burned yours , you can always let it cool , then peel the blackened part off and reveal the gooey marvel inside .
10 . Have fun ! Remember that teamwork leads to dream work and everything is easier if you do it with your friends or family members .


10 Lifelong learning with new challenges and thrills .
9 Good excuse to leave work early on race nights . 8 It ’ s cheap on gas . 7 A movable “ cottage in the city ” and no grass to cut . 6 New friends who become old friends . 5 Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum . 4 Sunsets at your favourite anchorage . 3 Amazing harbours , beaches and nightlife . 2 Salty south sea spray instead of salty roads up north .
1 Where else do you get to be called Captain ?
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