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1 2 3 CHAPTER Why use essential oils internally? When you want to experience the uplifting, energizing, or calming benefits of essential oils, aromatic use provides a quick, easy way to get the benefits you want. When you want to soothe, moisturize, nourish, or soften the skin, topical use of essential oils can efficiently deliver the CHAPTER desired effect. What then, is the advantage of using essential oils internally? While internal use of Research essential oils is a mystery to some, research has found plenty of safe, beneficial uses for essential oils internally. Yes, aromatic and topical use of essential oils provides a variety of benefits; however, internal use can be equally beneficial when done properly. Internal essential oil use offers some exclusive benefits for the body that aromatic and topical use simply cannot accomplish. The benefits of internal use CHAPTER Safety guidelines One of the most common reasons for ingesting essential oils is to reap the internal benefits it holds for the body. Each essential oil possesses a different chemical structure that will provide the body with unique properties and benefits. For example, some essential oils can be used internally to promote healthy cell function, support gastrointestinal health, or maintain healthy immune function, while others may offer internal cleansing benefits.* When used properly, essential oils hold a wide array of wellness benefits that can come from internal use. How to use essential oils internally CHAPTER In addition to substantial health benefits, internal use also provides a way to add safe, natural, potent flavors 1 to food and beverages. Not only will the addition of essential oils to entrées, drinks, snacks, and baked goods provide a simple way to experience the health benefits of essential oils, it will also add a potent, unique flavor CHAPTER to anything edible. Why use essential oils internally?