Other PDFs/Documents doTERRA eBook Aromatic Use - Page 11

• Place a drop of oil in your hand , rub the palms together , cup the hands over your nose , and inhale
• Diffuse essential oils before work to promote selfconfidence , and after work for relaxing relief after a long day
• Mix oil and water in a spray bottle and spritz over furniture , carpet , and other linens
• Diffuse essential oils when you are expecting company to help the air smell clean , fresh , and inviting
• Place two or three drops of essential oil on the floor during a shower ( keeping oil away from the water path ) and breathe in
• Diffuse essential oils in a classroom to help promote focus
• Diffuse essential oils during your morning routine for an uplifting , invigorating start to your day
• Stick a few drops of essential oil on a newspaper and place at the bottom of a trash can to help with the smell