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06 The Advanced Persistent Threat: The Anatomy of an Attack Today’s organizations need to be prepared for an increasing number of attacks on their networks and IT infrastructure, as technology assaults have been rising in both frequency and severity over the years. TABLE OF CONTENTS 12 The mission of the Rhode Island Cyber Disruption Team (RICDT) is to respond to cyber disruptions caused by natural hazards or widespread viruses or cyberattacks which affect critical infrastructure, whether public or private. 18 20 Cybersecurity Resources A collection of online resources, security associations and social media channels to engage with in order to stay on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity policies and advancements. 24 By learning from one another, we are truly Stronger Together. This new edition of the eCurrent is a living, breathing, interactive publication! Be on the lookout, all live links will be underlined, like \