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BENEFITS OF BEING AN OSHEAN MEMBER! Stronger Together. At OSHEAN, our members are truly stronger together. By collaborating, members benefit from an unprecedented network of like-minded professionals who exchange best practices, solve problems, share information and strategies, and help one another to take advantage of the newest advancements in networking solutions. Additionally, OSHEAN advocates for national and local access to and utilization of first-class services in support of its members’ missions. OSHEAN connects members with resources and technology partners and helps negotiate and manage the resulting relationships. MEMBER BENEFITS INCLUDE: COLLABORATION O  SHEAN members enjoy the benefits of collaboration: sharing expertise, best practices and resources with other peer members. COMMUNITY O  ur members have the opportunity to actively participate in OSHEAN’s strategic direction in terms of resource allocation, technology selection and budget planning. It is through the collective expertise of our membership that OSHEAN is able to adopt new, effective, technologies that offer cost savings and efficiency opportunities that would not be possible without a vested membership community. CONVENE/CONNECT OSHEAN members interact and get informed about policy, programs, new applications and technology trends. Additionally, OSHEAN members can collectively advocate for national and local access to and utilization of first-class networks to support their missions. OSHEAN proudly acts to connect members with resources. COST-SAVINGS OSHEAN offers a number of cost-savings programs for members such as pre-negotiated VMware Enterprise License pricing, nationally negotiated ISP pricing, member to member infrastructure and colocation environment sharing and multi-tenant virtual private cloud services. EVENTS & TRAINING O  SHEAN regularly hosts members at in-depth training seminars to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest technologies. OSHEAN also hosts networking events throughout the year where members enjoy meeting with their peers in a comfortable environment to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in their increasingly technology-driven work environments. MEMBER TO MEMBER A  ll members that subscribe to IP services from OSHEAN are PRIVATE PEERING able to access private peering via OSHEAN’s Enriched Internet Services. OSHEAN has the ability to keep this traffic “On-Net” for better performance and cost savings. This means that traffic stays local and thus avoids the commercial Internet; it is simply switched through OSHEAN routers. This also enables unmetered access to Microsoft Updates, ESPN, Akamai and Netflix. INTERNET2 As a regional Internet2 connector, OSHEAN provides a tight integration with Internet2’s 100 Gbps nationwide backbone and access to all of Internet2’s resources and unique services. NEREN The OSHEAN Beacon 2.0 Network is directly connected to the Northeast Research and Education Network (NEREN) at 375 Promenade Street in Providence, Rhode Island. OSHEAN is able to provision virtual circuits to the NEREN Colocation Facility in Springfield, Massachusetts or any other NEREN node location in Rhode Island, Connecticut or Massachusetts. FOR MORE INFO www.OSHEAN.org 38 | CURRENT 2015-2016 Stronger Together | 39