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where practitioners from local police forces to National Institute of Standards and Technology National Guard Army brigades hone skills and National Initiative for Cybersecurity Educa- practice teamwork. Now cyber warriors, de- tion (NICE). The NICE framework organizes fenders and investigators can take advantage and presents the skills and work requirements of the same type of live, realistic training in that America’s cybersecurity workforce needs Alphaville that has proven successful in combat to support the National Preparedness Goals of scenarios. detecting, mitigating and defeating malicious Since the Secure Sandbox is isolated and not connected to the Internet or other production networks, it is ideal for testing against live security threats, such as malware, viruses, rootkits and more, helping identify software vulnerabilities and capabilities. actors and cyber-based threats. The framework engages all levels of the workforce, presenting As an organization committed to the service of its members, OSHEAN regularly hosts workshops and other events designed to augment the continuing education of our members and work collaboratively with them to build new services that they feel have value. essential concepts, techniques and practices based on an individual’s function within the The OSHEAN team knows issues like cyberse- ing Groups to participate in including the Cloud organization. curity are critical to our members, which is why Advisory Council and iBoss Group. As technol- we have introduced the Shore Patrol Working ogy continues to evolve even more rapidly, Group – a group specifically focused on pro- participating in OSHEAN events and Working tecting vital infrastructure and information Groups can give you and your team a competi- from cyber threats. tive advantage when it comes to understanding Michigan is home to 93 colleges and universities including five medical schools and five law schools. Imagine the potential disruption that Since the Secure Sandbox is isolated OSHEAN’s Working Groups — A Great Opportunity to Collaborate malicious cyberattacks could wreak among how to best utilize new technology and ensure these institutions or any of the other progres- Shore Patrol is just one of several Working sive research organizations working within the Groups OSHEAN facilitates and is uniquely state. Merit Network’s forward-thinking pro- focused on security, with members of the group it is ideal for testing against live grams help these important community assets sharing a passion for protecting vital infra- “At OSHEAN, it’s imperative that we offer our security threats, such as malware, protect and advance their work while providing structure and information from cyber threats. members the resources and information they viruses, rootkits and more, helping identify software vulnerabilities and the training resources necessary to cultivate a Among its ongoing initiatives is an effort to pro- need to not only do their jobs but to augment culture of cybersecurity awareness. vide a “Security as a Service” offering that will their abilities to drive strategic IT initiatives eventually be made available to all OSHEAN throughout their organizations,” said Dave members. Marble, president and CEO of OSHEAN. “Our and not connected to the Internet or other production networks, capabilities. Working Groups are designed to encourage Training Tomorrow’s Workforce in an ongoing commitment to bringing new ideas Cybersecurity Best Practices forward with members expected to attend four Merit also offers the Michigan Cyber Range – a platform for providing students and IT professionals with a solid foundation in a number of cybersecurity disciplines. Students gain technical knowledge and experience through challenging hands-on exercises and l abs. The Michigan Cyber Range features a cybersecurity education experience based upon the 26 | CURRENT 2015-2016 quarterly meetings annually and to be an active participant in the ongoing sessions. This would include involvement in a variety of OSHEAN- your organization is prepared for IT challenges and risks on the horizon. Working Groups provide top-flight educational resources for our members while also facilitating connections between organizations that can lead to collaborative partnership opportunities down the road. It’s truly a win-win opportunity for members to get involved.” led task forces designed to implement project- For more information on how you can partici- oriented efforts with specific targets. pate in an OSHEAN Working Group, contact Over the coming months, OSHEAN will continue to ramp up activity among its various Working Groups. Even if cybersecurity isn’t a OSHEAN’s communications administrator Nimota Garcia today! For more information on recent Working Group meetings, click here. central part of your job, there are other WorkStronger Together | 27