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OSHEAN is a member of a national coalition of Research and Education Networks (RENs) called the Quilt who continuously collaborate to share best practices and services. We are all tied together physically by the called Secure Sandbox – a program designed to national 100Gbps backbone called Internet2. “teach, train, and test the security of strategic This community is an invaluable resource for systems in the safety of an isolated world.” OSHEAN and our members and we actively engage in the programs Internet2 and the Quilt provide. One of the leading institutions in our community is the Merit in Michigan. Secure Sandbox provides a flexible, secure environment that can be used for cybersecurity education, training exercises and software testing. Located in a virtual cloud, the Secure Merit is a nonprofit, member-owned REN Sandbox simulates a real-world networked formed in 1966 to design and implement a com- environment with virtual machines that act as puter network between public universities in web servers, mail servers and other types of Michigan. After nearly 50 years of innovation, machines. Merit continues to provide high-performance networking and services to the research and education communities in Michigan and beyond. One of its core missions is to drive awareness of the need for highly secure networks and the resources that are available to members for safe Internet use and data protection. Merit has implemented a 10/100 Gbps backbone and is in the process of extending it across Michigan to continue providing a flexible, robust architecture to support the state’s research and education needs and fortify a strong educational community. The core Merit principle is that by connecting organizations, building relationships and sharing services, educational institutions can achieve far more together than they can alone. Merit is a national leader in developing security practices for their members and for Quilt members as well. One of Merit’s star programs is Secure Sandbox is a valuable resource for cybersecurity training. It can come fully stocked with tools and targets, allowing for a full range of security exploration in a safe, secure environment. Access to the Sandbox is controlled completely by the instructor, who can create and administer course material. It is also used to facilitate cybersecurity measures by enabling member organizations to run cybersecurity exercises using Secure Sandbox’s Alphaville cybersecurity training environment. Alphaville is a simulation environment that features computing resources that are typically found at a city hall, police station, power plant, library or school. Another way to think of Alphaville is like a virtual village for cybersecurity training. Merit compares Alphaville to environments like the U.S. Army’s National Training Center, the FBI’s Hogan’s Alley and the tactical training range Stronger Together | 25