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same trouble later on,” she notes. “Already, we We’re finding that there’s been have seen the impact these students can have a shift in awareness – it’s not with interns from our own office going on to great paying jobs.” just IT’s problem anymore, it’s CYBERSECURITY BY THE NUMBERS everyone’s problem. From making The Economic Impacts of Cybersecurity sure kids understand this at every Since its inception in 2011, the RICDT has been education level to working with aligned with state leaders on its mission and goals. Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI), who co-founded the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, has been vocal about the importance of building a strong cybersecurity framework in the state. “I am proud that Rhode Island is taking the lead in a critical area of our security that also happens to represent a rapidly growing industry that can provide sustainable job creation in our state,” said Langevin, at an event announcing the establishment of RICDT. “This team’s leaders recognize the sectors of our society most vulnerable in cyberspace and the damages that would most severely affect Rhode Islanders. As I have impressed upon my colleagues in Washington, this is the sense of urgency that is required nationwide.” the business community, we all have a role to play. – Lt. John Alfred Officer-in-Charge of the Computer Crimes Unit for the RI State Police and leader of the RICDT. ing awareness higher. Working with IT security emerging threats and ways to manage them. By bringing more members of the community into the fold and exposing them to training opportunities with state and federal agencies, a more informed public emerges that can spot Between enhancing awareness among students Ocean State. with tackling cyber threats at every level. “Our endgame is this: we want to reach the people who are in this field and already very passionate about it,” said Lt. Alfred. “By creating that sense of du