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The history of Orrefors is the story of how the simplest ingredients – lime , sand and soda – can become magnificent glass objects . Fueled by the forest , the artists and designers made Orrefors a global leader in glass .
First , they produced glass jars for preserved foods in nineteenth-century Orrefors . As social movements and the notion of “ more beautiful everyday goods ” took hold around the turn of the last century , artists Edward Hald and Simon Gate were invited to the glassworks . They promptly began making new objects with color and engraving . The results became popular worldwide through exhibitions , interior design and objects for everyday use . Before long , glass from the forests of Småland was incomparable : There is nothing like it ! “ Il n ’ y as que ça !” exclaimed the 1925 World ’ s Fair in Paris .
More artists and designers joined Orrefors and the designs were refined and reconsidered . Hot glass contains infinite possibilities – for those who have mastered the skill . The glass made today is based on expertise generated over more than a century . The very best designers now continue to enchant the world with the brilliance and beauty of glass .
The story about the glass from Orrefors continues . By Maria Lantz