Orient Magazine Issue 89 - November 2022 - Page 15

Singapore launches national hydrogen strategy at Singapore International Energy Week
Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong outlined Singapore ’ s national strategy to develop hydrogen at the Singapore International Energy Week ( SIEW ) 2022 on Oct 25 .
For Singapore , hydrogen can complement and diversify our power mix alongside solar , imported electricity , and other potential low-carbon energy sources , such as geothermal energy , says the Ministry of Trade and Industry ( MTI ).
“ Hydrogen has the potential to be adopted across different sectors as a low-carbon fuel or feedstock . Hydrogen does not release any greenhouse gases when combusted . When produced through low-emission methods such as through the electrolysis of water using renewable energy , it can have close to zero emissions ,” said the MTI .
Wong names five “ key thrusts ” for Singapore ’ s hydrogen plans :
First , Singapore will experiment with the use of advanced hydrogen technologies that are on the cusp of commercial readiness . Second , Singapore will conduct research and development work to advance these hydrogen technologies . Hydrogen will be a key focal area for Phase 2 of the Low Carbon Energy Research ( LCER ) Programme .
Third , the government will work closely with industry and international partners to enable the formation and scaling up of supply chains for low-carbon hydrogen , says Wong . Fourth , the mass deployment of hydrogen will require new infrastructure to import , store and transform the hydrogen into power , says Wong .
Finally , adopting hydrogen will bring about new economic opportunities for Singapore and our enterprises and workers , says Wong . “ Opportunities abound along the hydrogen supply chain — financing , trading , certifying , transporting , storage and deployment . We will work with industry and the education sector to support workforce training . This will put Singaporeans in good stead to capture new opportunities in the global hydrogen economy .”