Orient Magazine Issue 89 - November 2022 | Page 38

range of decisions and actions . EHS information systems can be used to provide an integrated up-to-date operational EHS Standards and Performance , including the site risk profiling , horizon scanning , benchmarking as well as impact and gap analysis . This also facilitates the management of the EHS processes to sustainably operate to mitigate e-waste , and emergency planning .
• Energy efficiency through smart monitoring
It is vital to monitor the data center power usage pattern and effectiveness , to best configure the optimal use of resources , and to maximise utilisation , to achieve low carbon economy . The lifecycle of the data center assets including waste heat and recovery of materials managed can also be considered .
Advancing with new technologies and mindset shifts
As we look towards a future where data centers can adopt a safer and more sustainable outcome-based approach – new technologies can affect lasting positive outcomes . All these will be catalysed further with the development of 5G , geospatial communications , as well as hydrogen and energy storage solutions .
For a sustainable-first approach to be truly successful , there is also a need for mindset shifts for the employees to embrace ESG and EHS to operationalise sustainability and safe practices . Only then will digital and data mastery lead to an even safer , and a more efficient and sustainable future .
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