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Temasek is an investment company headquartered in Singapore , with a net portfolio value of S $ 403 billion as at 31 March 2022 .
Temasek ’ s Purpose “ So Every Generation Prospers ” guides it to make a difference for today ’ s and future generations . The Temasek Charter defines its three roles as an Investor , Institution and Steward , and shapes its ethos to do well , do right and do good .
Visit https :// www . temasek . com . sg / en / index for more . Representative Member : Michael Buchanan
DFI Retail Group ( the ‘ Group ’) is a leading pan-Asian retailer . At 31st December 2021 , the Group and its associates and joint ventures operated over 10,200 outlets and employed some 230,000 people . The Group had total annual sales in 2021 exceeding US $ 27 billion .
The Group ( including associates and joint ventures ) operates under a number of well-known brands across food , health and beauty , home furnishings , restaurants and other retailing .
Visit https :// www . dairyfarmgroup . com / en-US / for more . Representative Member : Haslam Preeston
We are a global investment company that helps clients and customers plan , save and invest for their future .
Our business is structured around three vectors , focused on the changing needs of our clients : Investment , Adviser and Personal .
Visit https :// www . abrdn . com / corporate for more . Representative Member : Sarah Anderson
The Association of Professional Staffing Companies is the International trade body for the professional recruitment sector and was formed to represent and support recruitment firms engaged in the acquisition of professional talent on behalf of their clients .
Visit https :// www . apsco . org / for more . Representative Member : Bazgha Sultana
31 IN FOCUS INTERVIEW: MATTHEW BROWN, HEADMASTER, EPSOM COLLEGE, MALAYSIA its patron. We have a shared governance model, with key personnel visiting both campuses regularly to ensure that there is internal alignment. Tell me a little about the Weekday Boarding program for those in Singapore. The Weekday Boarding Programme at Epsom started in 2021 offering students the Let's move on to some of your standout mo- ments during your time in education. I'm sure you have some stories to tell. I feel very fortunate to witness our students evolve during their time at school. There have been many instances where students arrive on their first day understandably nervous, quiet and reserved, then visibly come out of their shells after the first few weeks and grow in confidence. From hardly being able to hold a conversation, within a few months they may be presenting in an assembly and learning to share jokes to make everyone laugh. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile because we have made them open up and take risks. As a school, we recognise that academic achievement, first and foremost, is significant. Our hope, however, is that our students leave Epsom with the self-confidence to walk into any room, or working environment, knowing that they can be themselves and valuably contribute to any conversation or discussion they choose to. This is when we know we have done our most influential work. Absolutely. Confidence unlocks many doors. Yes! We can help students to get into some of the world’s best universities but if they do not have the necessary interpersonal skills and the values such as kindness, honesty, humility and care for the environment, their success will be limited. We recognise that it is more than just academic progress that we are helping them to achieve. opportunity to benefit from the British boarding school experience - an on-campus community feel, engagement with academic staff in a pastoral setting and a distraction-free academic environment - on weekdays whilst enjoying quality time spent with family over the weekend. For younger children, the week is short enough for them to feel secure knowing that it will not be long until they see their parents (and vice versa), and also short enough to pass quickly with a long list of activities, staff on hand to help with prep and the freedom to live, study and play alongside their friends. Weekday Boarding offers a breath of fresh air for pressured parents who are discovering the benefits of space, time, safety, adventure for their children, knowing that all their children’s needs will be catered for. majority placed at Russell Group universities. For the past three consecutive years, we have had successful applications to Cambridge University to study Law and Natural Sciences. We believe that preparation for university is a continuous process which starts early in Senior School. From Year 7-9, we work on our student’s holistic and developmental skills (eg. confidence, writing and presenting and creative and critical thinking), identifying not only their strengths but also areas for improvement. Our resident Elite University Tutor will organise seminars with top university graduates and lecturers in chosen subject fields to provide students with a more in-depth look into what to expect from full specialisation in a chosen degree path. Given the size of our Sixth Form cohort, students benefit from a bespoke university support programme and an open-door policy for after school application support (including evenings and weekends). For students aplying to Oxbridge, we will match students with Oxbridge alumni mentors who will provide an insider’s perspective on the application process and 1-to-1 sessions for interview preparation We always encourage our students to be ambitious and to aim high. Last year, several students were invited to interview with Oxford and Cambridge and although some were un- successful, every candidate left pleased with their performance and felt like they had given it their best, as a result of their preparation, hard work and dedication. This self- assuredness is something we look to nurture in each and every one of our students. Next Steps Enrolling in a boarding school can be a big decision for many students and their families. We offer a Taste Of Boarding programme for prospective students to experience life at Epsom for a week and to see if it will be a good fit. Students will actively participate in classroom discussions, experience how subjects are taught at Epsom and live on campus at the boarding houses. "Our hope, however, is that our students leave Epsom with the self-confidence to walk into any room, or working environment, knowing that they can be themselves and valuably contribute to any conversation or discussion they choose to. This is when we know we have done our most influential work. " This Programme proved to be very popular with our Malaysian students and given our close proximity to KL International Airport (a 15 minute drive), we are offering the same programme to Singapore families. The Weekday Boarding Programme can be paired with a flight package add-on that provides return air tickets for every weekend throughout the entire academic year. Singapore residents and nationals may also choose to be full boarders, depending on their individual requirements. Wonderful, thank you. Our last question – typically, which universities do Epsom A Level students go on to receive offers from? Most of our A-Level students choose to go to the UK to continue their studies, with the vast IN FOCUS INTERVIEW