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Clyde & Co is a dynamic , rapidly expanding global law firm focused on providing a complete legal service to clients in our core sectors . We advise businesses that are at the heart of worldwide commerce and trade . Our combination of sector expertise , commercial attitude and in-depth regional understanding provides a unique perspective .
Find out more at www . clydeco . com / locations / office / singapore Representative Member : Nick Mider
McCorkell is more than “ just ” an agency . We are a strategy and creative agency , a marketing and digital agency , and we are an events and content agency with one of Australia ’ s leading contact centres .
McCorkell is more than an agency ; McCorkell is a solution . It is the premiere solution for your campaign , project , and client needs . With skills and resources encompassing every field , and a success story list that reads like a bestseller , McCorkell has your needs covered , and then some .
Visit https :// www . mccorkell . com . au / for more . Representative Member : David Tay
The centre is backed by the expertise of RSK group , comprising more than 130 environmental , engineering and technical services businesses . The centre is focused on four key themes , covering climate and sustainability strategy , renewable energy , sustainable agriculture and digital water and works alongside the newly established RSK Research Institute for Climate Strategy .
Visit https :// rskgroup . com / centre-for-sustainability-excellence / for more .
Representative Member : Lucy Thomas
Integrating the disciplines of strategic communications , investor relations , restructuring , management consulting , physical & cyber risk , financial advisory , corporate governance advisory , ESG , DE & I , political & policy risk , and talent advisory , Teneo solves for the most complex business challenges and opportunities .
Visit https :// www . teneo . com / for more . Representative Member : Max Holdsworth
GETTING AHEAD OF SINGAPORE’S BOOMING SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MARKET Getting ahead of Singapore’s booming software engineering market Yvonne Loh Manager, Hays Singapore Mon Fei Chow Senior Consultant, Hays Singapore Thinking of expanding your tech team? Dive into key market trends to better strategise and plan for your next tech hire amidst a tech talent crunch. While Covid-19 has been disruptive for many industries, it surfaced numerous opportunities for technology companies in Singapore. The necessity of contact tracing and remote working accelerated the adoption and normalisation of technology that enabled both, and as a result, triggered significant digital transformation and growth in specialist technology areas like cloud computing, data analytics, and cyber security. In particular, the software engineering market is seeing growing volumes of front-end, back-end, full-stack, and mobile developer jobs that are getting increasingly challenging to fill. If you’re thinking of hiring a developer for your tech team, here are four market trends you need to know: 1. More jobs, but fewer qualified candidates Now that most of the market is shifting out of recovery and into growth mode, hiring is in full force for software engineers this year. The bulk of the jobs are coming from emerging fintech companies as well as American and Chinese tech companies, many of which have been setting up their operations in Singapore in recent years. Most of these jobs are for back-end, full-stack, and mobile developers. Yet, this increase in demand is stretching Singapore’s technology talent pool to the limit. Talent shortage is typical of the technology market in Singapore, and with the rising demand, competition for software engineers is fast climbing to new heights. Consequently, employers are reassessing their talent attraction strategies to ensure they are well-positioned to hire the best candidates in the market for their tech teams. 2. When it comes to skills, focus on versatility and well-roundedness As much of the demand is concentrated on mid-senior developers and beyond, many companies are finding it increasingly challenging to get candidates who are skilled and experienced. Technical skills, such as proficiency in commonly used programming languages are definitely a key thing to assess for, although the specific assessment will depend on the type of developer you need on your team. More critical for employers is the proven ability to communicate with, and influence or manage stakeholders from both technical and non-technical business teams. Given the challenge in hiring skilled and experienced candidates, some organisations are hiring fresh technology graduates in bulk with COMMITTEE CONTENT: WHAT ARE THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN ICT ENABLED WATER RESILIENCY FOR SMES IN SINGAPORE? 39 37 dedicated plans and programmes to train and develop their skills while on the job. 3. Focus on flexibility and employee wellness Since the pandemic, employee wellness has been at the top of every employer’s mind, and for good reason – it’s one of the biggest factors motivating employees to stay at their jobs. After all, it’s no secret that the way we work has changed immensely since 2020, and with it, so have people’s priorities. High on that list? Work flexibility. Candidates we talk to are increasingly vocal about their preference on how they work and where they work. make sure there are tactics in place to measure progress and course correct in the event of setbacks or challenges. Want to discuss your tech recruitment plans? Email us at yvonne.loh@hays.com.sg or monfei. chow@hays.com.sg For an in-depth analysis of the market, compen- sation information, and talent attraction and retention advice, download the Inside Story of Technology: Key Developments in Software Engineering In response to this, tech companies have been leading the charge in providing alternative work patterns including hybrid or remote working in a bid to improve work-life balance at their organisations. Some even go the extra mile to provide work from home and food delivery allowance as part of their benefits package! 4. Enhance brand reputation with diversity and inclusion strategies A diverse workforce brings people of different experiences and backgrounds together, creating a high-performance and innovative environment. With the recognition of the economic advantages of a diverse and inclusive staff roster growing, technology companies in Singapore have stepped up efforts to increase the diversity of their teams. After screening for merit, employers are striving towards building more gender balanced teams as much as possible. However, the work doesn’t stop there. Providing mentoring for female talent and leadership, offering inclusivity training, and creating a supportive culture are some of the ways company leaders can strengthen diversity and inclusion. Finally, but no less important, is to Hays Singapore is one of Singapore's leading recruitment companies in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people across a wide range of industries and professions. Hays has been in Singapore for over a decade and boasts a track record of success and growth. We operate across the private and public sector, deal- ing in permanent, temporary and contracting positions in more than 15 different specialisms, including Accountancy & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Digital Technology, Engineering, Finance Technology, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal Life Sciences, Marketing & Digital, Office Professionals, Procurement, Supply Chain and Sales. Hays Singapore was named the “Best Small Workplace” in Singapore in 2019 and 2018, and was ranked fourth “Best Multinational Workplace” in Asia 2020 by Great Place to Work. GETTING AHEAD OF SINGAPORE’S BOOMING SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MARKET