Orient Magazine Issue 87 - June 2022 - Page 36

Collinson is a global leader in the provision of traveller experiences including airport lounge access and medical and security assistance and travel medical services . Collinson ’ s traveller experiences include the world ’ s leading airport lounge and experiences programme , Priority Pass , as well as travel insurance , identity assistance , flight delay , international health and travel risk management solutions .
The Collinson Group has over 2,000 employees operating out of 17 locations globally , all working to deliver a broad range of traveller experiences that ensure the safety , welfare and comfort of 55 million people as they travel for business and leisure around the world . The Collinson Group responded to over 95,000 emergency calls , managed over 40,000 medical cases and conducted over 3,000 aero-medical evacuations across the 170 countries it serves . We work with clients including : American Express , Cathay Pacific , CBA , Mastercard , UnionPay and Visa .
Visit https :// www . collinsongroup . com / en for more . Representative Member : Attila Lau
As the largest global pure play sustainability consultancy , ERM partners with the world ’ s leading organisations , creating innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and unlocking opportunities to address their environmental , health , safety , risk , and social issues .
ERM ’ s diverse team of 7,500 + world-class experts in over 150 offices across more than 40 countries supports clients across the breadth of their organisations to operationalise sustainability . Through ERM ’ s deep technical expertise and our “ boots to boardroom ” approach , we co-curate with our clients to advance their net zero journey with clarity , scale and speed .
Visit https :// www . erm . com / for more . Representative Member : Mark Errington
Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel , an award winning luxury hotel , located within business and shopping districts of Marina Bay , minutes from Marina Sands .
Visit https :// www . hilton . com / en / hotels / sincici-conrad-centennial-singapore / for more .
Representative Member : Mike Williamson
KEY SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS FOR GENERATION Z When it comes to marketing, Gen Z audiences are far more astute than passive audiences. They want one that allows them to communicate with a real person. They are eager to initiate and cultivate experiences and relationships with brands that adhere to this model. Brand’s implication: To gain the trust of Gen Zers, communicate genuine and convincing social media messages that align with their values and attitudes. Relevance is more important now than ever before. Deliver valuable values through strategic influencer collaborations. Engage Generation Z with messages that| celebrate diversity, inclusion, and fluid lifestyles. Create an approachable and accommodating brand persona, and you will have a much easier time converting Gen Zers. • • • • • • • Live-stream event Microcontent In-feed videos Hashtag challenge AR content Influencer marketing Brand takeover In conclusion, as the most video-centric demo- graphic, they are heavily influenced by video content in their brand selection and strongly embrace various interactive experiences. Long- form content is nearly useless to Generation Z, who prefers short, easily digestible information snippets. What are your thoughts on catching their focus? The Right Format for Generation Z: Use Multimedia With an average attention span of just over eight seconds, Gen Zers have the shortest attention spans (In contrary to millennials with a full 12 seconds). Here are some examples of social media content formats that brands should consider using to engage Generation Z: O R R A pe l m=k l t Digital Business Lab is a performance-driven and creative social media agency. Based in Hong Kong & Singapore, we promise to increase brand desirability and engagement using meaningful content produced by our multicultural team of 12 different nationalities. We have been specializing in social media for over nine years, running localized tactics and people-centric campaigns across Asia (including in and out of China) to upgrade businesses' social media experiences and elevate their performance to new height with the best ingredients Social Media has to offer. Core service offerings, social media strategy, influencer marketing, video production, creative storytelling, data listening, web3.0 – 2021 New. https://digital-business-lab.com/