Orient Magazine Issue 87 - June 2022 - Page 23


Recent In-person events

27 Apr 2022
In April 27 , Peter Crowhurst , the current Chief Executive Officer of the British Chamber in Myanmar visited Singapore , from Yangon , and presented some updates to members of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore who have an interest to know more on what is happening in the market covering topical issues that include , but not limited to :
• Private sector business
• UK trade with Myanmar
• Key sectors that the Chamber is involved in
• Financials
• Sanctions
• Power and renewables
• Security
• Covid
• Chamber recommendations presented to HMG
9 Jun 2022
On 9 June , speakers discussed the role of leadership in driving sustainable change within organisations .
Our speakers discussed the role of leaders and the characteristics and skills they need to gain internal stakeholder buy-in around sustainability strategy , at every level within the business . Through this event , our attendees had an overview of how they can bring leaders together to make this transformation and align business objectives , what they do to engage staff and shift organisational culture and how to get started in the journey to become a sustainable organisation .