Orient Magazine Issue 84 - October 2021 - Page 54


Special Feature : Sustainability and COP26

When we shared the call for commentary from members on sustainability for our special edition timed ahead of COP26 , the Chamber was inundated with suggestions . This further demonstrates the keen interest within our business community across all industries on these topics .
In the following pages , expand your knowledge with 14 thought leadership pieces and interviews on green finance , the ASEAN perspective , progress in the built environment , energy solutions , Board governance , Government priorities and more .
SPECIAL FEATURE: SUSTAINABILITY - COMMITTEE CONTENT COP26 PRIMER: 26 WAYS TECHNOLOGY IS CONTRIBUTING TO SUSTAINABILITY for Sustainability Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: Empowering organizations on their path to net zero - The Official Microsoft Blog. Thought Provoking Impacts 18 So, how well do you know your device? Find out via London Design Museum Award for 2019 Anatomy of an AI System - Design Museum. 19 Cryptocurrencies and the energy that is consumed How Bitcoin's vast energy use could burst its bubble - BBC News. 20 With the launch of the iPhone 13, Apple has taken the step to reduce the use of plastic in its packaging and relies on recycled materials for the manufacture of the device itself. How Does The New iPhone 13 Fare In Apple's Sustainability Efforts? - iPhone 13 Product Environmental Report (apple. com). 21 Whilst it is something we’re all very used to by now (not necessarily by choice), it appears that there are environmental benefits of meeting clients and colleagues virtually, rather than jumping on a plane or driving to the office for an in-person meeting. Perhaps a strong case for the future of hybrid work. • Working From Home During the Pandemic Has Environmental Benefits — But We Can Do Even Better (The Revelator) • Just How Green is Video Conferencing? New Study Explores the Environmental Impact of Large • Online Meetings (RESET.org) What’s the environmental impact of your weekly Zoom meeting? (livemint.com) BritCham Sustainability Events with discussion and debate 22 Battery Storage for Asia (23 September) looked at the developing energy storage sector - watch now on- demand. 23 The Future of Green Data Centres (28 September) looked at Singapore's plans for the Data Centre industry, the energy challenges this poses and how providers are raising to the challenge to ensure Singapore can continue to play a leading role in this global industry without running out of the power needed to support it - watch now on- demand. 24 The Singapore Green Plan 2030, a Dialogue with Parliamentary Ministers Louis Ng & Li San Poh (22 September). In this in-person session, Ministers Ng and Poh talked openly with members about the need for industry engagement and collaboration to drive Singapore’s 2030 (and beyond) Sustainability Plan. We discussed the 2030 vision and what it means for Singapore, the impact of Carbon, the Green Economy and also, why commercial collaboration, technology and innovation is so important for this to become a reality. 25 Leaders in Business Lunch with Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment (8 September). In the Minister's own words from her social media: "At the Dialogue, I highlighted opportunities for UK companies to collaborate with us in our #SGGreenPlan2030 to advance the global sustainability agenda. I was delighted by BritCham’s Road to Net Zero campaign, and the interest by UK companies to push ahead on SDGs 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and 13 (Climate Change). Such actions help move the needle to achieve a sustainable and low-carbon future for Singapore and beyond. It is an important part of our strategy to work with industry to reduce Singapore’s carbon footprint. This includes increasing energy efficiency in areas such as industry and buildings, and strategic land use planning for both nature preservation and urban development. Key initiatives in these sectors include investing in R&D of low-carbon energy technologies, the Singapore Green Building Masterplan, and the OneMillionTrees movement. Companies can play a leading role in our transition to a greener future by finding innovative ways to reduce carbon- intensive practices and developing sustainable products and services for a green economy." 26 As an official part of Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), BritCham is hosting a ThinkTank Roundtable on 28 October: The Net- Zero COP - Trade Opportunities on the Journey to Decarbonising ASEAN. Committee Content: Insights from the Energy & Utilities Committee A special double feature for our sustainability issue on energy storage solutions and Singapore's green data centres. SPECIAL FEATURE: SUSTAINABILITY - COMMITTEE CONTENT INSIGHTS FROM THE ENERGY & UTILITIES COMMITTEE