Orient Magazine Issue 84 - October 2021 | Page 15

BritCham hosts Minister Fu , Minister for Sustainability and the Environment and leaders of the Government Parliamentary Committee in Green Plan 2030 dialogues
In two separate in-person events during September , the Chamber hosted senir Government officials Minister Grace Fu , Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee Louis Ng , and Deputy Chairperson Li San Poh , in discussions with members on the Singapore Green Plan 2030 . Members were keen to understand how their businesses can support the Government ' s sustainabiliy drive and enjoyed opportunities to raise their questions in person while meeting small groups of their peers .
Minister Fu said of the event on her social media : " What are the opportunities and challenges for businesses in the Green Plan ? I received keen inquiries from the business leaders from the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore ( BritCham ) recently . I was heartened to learn that we shared similar perspectives and commitment to advancing # sustainability ." " At the Dialogue , I highlighted opportunities for UK companies to collaborate with us in our # SGGreenPlan2030 to advance the global sustainability agenda . I was delighted by BritCham ’ s Road to Net Zero campaign , and the interest by UK companies to push ahead on # SustainableDevelopmentGoals 12 ( Responsible Consumption and Production ) and 13 ( Climate Change ). Such actions help move the needle to achieve a sustainable and low-carbon future for Singapore and beyond . It is an important part of our strategy to work with industry to reduce Singapore ’ s carbon footprint . This includes increasing energy efficiency in areas such as industry and buildings , and strategic land use planning for both nature preservation and urban development . Key initiatives in these sectors include investing in R & D of low-carbon energy technologies , the Singapore Green Building Masterplan , and the OneMillionTrees movement ."
" Companies can play a leading role in our transition to a greener future by finding innovative ways to reduce carbon-intensive practices and developing sustainable products and services for a green economy . The government will support such efforts through schemes such as the Enterprise Sustainability Programme , as well as lead through the GreenGov . SG movement , which includes recognising companies with sustainable practices in our procurement approach . Individuals too can play a part by implementing sustainable practices wherever they are in an organisation ."
" Thank you to the British Chamber of Commerce for organising a fruitful dialogue !"
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McKinsey & Lean-In release Women in the Workplace 2021 Report
This year , information was collected from 423 participating organisations employing 12 million people . More than 65,000 employees were surveyed , and interviews held with women of diverse identities , including women of color , LGBTQ + women , and women with disabilities . The 2021 findings focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing emphasis on diversity , equity , and inclusion on the experiences of women and the state of work more broadly .
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