Orient Magazine Issue 83 - August 2021 - Page 36

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GREAT BRITISH SUNDAY ROAST COMPETITION 37 Scaling Up Investments in Southeast Asia's Sustainable Infrastructure Building a sustainable infrastructure — how can it be scaled up to be commercially viable? The BritCham Energy & Utilities Business Committee partnered with the Sustainability Committee for their latest panel discussion in our Road to Net Zero campaign. The Great British Sunday roast has been served up on dinner tables in Singapore this month as part of an AHDB competition. Consumers and individuals were challenged to try their hand at the famous national dish and sample the flavour, versatility, and quality of beef from Britain. Those who took part were asked to cook a roast dinner, take a photo and upload onto social media. AHDB teamed up with the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, to launch this contest in a bid to showcase the high quality of beef from Britain to this all-important export market. Four winners were chosen based on their su- preme skills in creating eye-catching dishes and they will now receive a prime cut of British beef. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LUCKY WINNERS Shirley Wardle Brian Kennett Frank Butler Colin Ip For more information on the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) visit www.ahdb.org.uk The move to a more sustainable world is gaining momentum. Two key elements to accelerating that transition are technol- ogy and financing. Sustainable infrastructure, particularly related to energy, is the backbone of this transition. Ultimately, sustainable infrastructure will only be success- ful if it is commercially viable. To achieve this at the scale required to produce an effective energy transition requires projects that can be scaled up and remain financially at- tractive. This will require a drive towards greater innovation around systems thinking, financing models and investment decisions. Collaboration is a key watchword as we advance towards COP26 in November. The E&U committee has been building its connectivity in the region and brought together policy makers, thought leaders, NGO’s, private sector developers and financiers, leading to an insightful conversation moder- ated by committee Co-Chairman Mark Florance. A 16-minute summary of the session is available on the BritCham Singa- pore podcast and the full session is available on-demand. Governments in Asia have understandably prioritised na- tional efforts and budgets to the pandemic response. As the region starts to be more able to think beyond the immediate health response, we need to ensure that sustainable infra- structure does not remain down the priority list, and risk de- laying development and deployment of mechanisms needed for innovative financing and attract private capital to close the infrastructure financing gap. The panel sought to iden- tify what can be done to ensure resilience and sustainability when meeting the energy and infrastructure demand that is critical to keep up with and drive continued GDP growth in Asia. It recognised that this type of investment was shown to have more economic and job growth response than brown (carbon intensive) investment, so made economic sense. This region is at a very different place to the West with energy capacity yet to meet demand. We examined whether ASEAN could adapt initiatives at scale from the UK and India and the key priorities the UK government is driving at COP26 and in the region. The session provided insights from the British High Com- mission, Singapore government, the private sector, NGO and finance communities. Top left to bottom right: • “The quality of entries was fantastic and our judges were very impressed with the selection of dishes that did a great job of showcasing the quality of British beef. We really hope that our four lucky winners will enjoy their prize and continue to cook with our beef more frequently in the future.” AHDB Export Manager, Susan Stewart • • • • • • • • Tom Moody, Regional Director SE Asia, Climate and Energy of UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office Tim Rockell, Chair, BritCham Energy & Utilities Committee Mark Florance, Co-Chair, BritCham Energy and Utilities Com- mittee; and Investment Committee, Climate Investor One Fund, Climate Investor Two Fund (Session Moderator) William Hudson, Head of Southeast Asia, The Carbon Trust Ted Low, Chief Operating Officer, Clifford Capital Pte. Ltd Wu Lawrence, Co-Founder, Sunseap Group Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India Kow Juan Tiang, Deputy Executive Director, Infrastructure Asia Sabeena Nayyar, British Chamber of Commerce COMMITTEE CONTENT SCALING UP INVESTMENTS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA'S SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE