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Established in 2008 , Sannam S4 works with globally-ambitious education institutions , companies , non-profit organisations , trade bodies and government agencies . Operating in 20 + countries , Sannam S4 enables clients to explore , enter , and expand in dynamic markets by providing market research , finance & accounting , tax & compliance , recruitment and HR advisory . In the education sector , Sannam S4 delivers services to drive international student recruitment and enrolment , foster transnational education partnerships , and inform and implement strategy , serving the world ' s top 20 universities , K12 schools , EdTech companies and government bodies . Visit https :// sannams4 . com for more information . Representative Member : Michael Bartlett , Global Managing Director , Education
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Representative Member : Franscisca Soelaiman , Regional Director of Business Development JERSEY FINANCE
Jersey Finance , which is run as a not-for-profit organisation , was formed in 2001 to represent and promote Jersey as an international financial centre ( IFC ) of excellence . Thanks to its forward-thinking approach , Jersey ’ s IFC has 60 years of experience at the forefront of global finance , focusing on wealth management , funds , capital markets and banking , plus the specialist areas of Islamic finance , fintech and sustainable finance . Our global representatives seek to build networks with intermediaries , such as asset managers , bankers , lawyers and fiduciary service providers , to provide information and industry updates on financial services offered in Jersey , as well as providing introductions to our Member firms for intermediaries looking to build networks and / or seek advice on potential transactions . Visit www . jerseyfinance . je for more information .
Representative Member : Maria McDermott , Business Development Consultant , Asia
SPECIAL FEATURE: THE FUTURE OF TRADE 35 SINGAPORE AND SCOTLAND'S FOOD AND DRINK Updates from the Trade Services Team Click on the image to the right to watch a video from the Scottish Distillers Assocation Although Singapore is a small mar- ket relative to those surrounding it in South East Asia, it remains an import- ant strategic export destination for Scotland’s food and drink producers. Singapore is Scotland’s third largest export market for Scotch whisky in value terms after the US and France. In 2020 the volume equivalent of around 30 million bottles was exported directly to Singapore, noting that most of that product is re-exported to other markets with Singapore acting as a regional distribution hub for the larger suppliers. Apart from Scotch whisky, Singapore is a market that Scottish exporters from all food and drink sectors target as an initial development market in the South East Asia region. The total value of food and drink exports to Singapore from Scotland in 2020 was close to £10 million net of the re-exports of Scotch whisky. Those exports are derived from the following sectors: whisky, fish and seafood, premium grocery including bakery, red meat, dairy, small batch spirits and craft beer. Next to whisky, fish and seafood is the most important sector for Scot- tish exports. Scottish fishermen and producers work along 12,000 kilometres of pristine coastline to land over 65 species of the world’s best seafood. Scotland’s west coast is renowned for some of the highest quality, delicious seafood in the world. The crystal-clear waters are home to many species, including mussels, crab, langoustine, and haddock to name a few. Scottish fishermen are proud to invest in sustainable and responsible fishing practices to ensure the sea continues to provide a living for future generations. In addition to the marine fisheries, Scotland is a global leader in sustainable aquaculture around Atlantic salmon and trout. Scotland’s salmon was the first to be awarded the highly coveted Label Rouge quality endorsement by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Scotland’s clean and green environ- ment lends itself to the highest quality of dairy and red meat production. There are some 35 small producers manufacturing globally renowned artisanal cheeses, and Scotch beef, lamb and pork are frequently rated the highest quality by master chefs across Europe and Asia. With over 100 small batch distilleries and the same number of craft brewer- ies operating across Scotland, product innovation and sustainability are in constant focus and many of the brands are leading the way in both areas on the global stage. In foodservice channels in Singapore, including award winning restaurants and premium hotels, you can readily find examples of Scotland’s world renowned Scotch beef, chilled salm- on or trout and live seafood species such as brown crab, king scallops and razor clams. In supermarkets, Scottish brands of artisanal cheese, smoked salmon, shortbread, water biscuits, jams and honey are on show. Finally, in the licensed on-trade and in addi- tion to the mega brands that belong to global spirits houses, examples of some of Scotland’s finest small batch distillers and craft brewers are served in many of Singapore’s most iconic bars and brewpubs. Although Singapore is a small market relative to those surrounding it in South East Asia, it remains an important strategic export destination for Scotland’s food and drink producers. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tony Gunnis is Scottish Development International’s food and drink trade specialist for South East Asia based in Singapore. Prior to joining SDI, Tony’s career in the private sector covered senior roles with ANZ and European food and drink companies, focused on export development in the Asia region. Contact Tony on LinkedIn. ABOUT THE ORGANISATION Scottish Development International is the investment and trade development arm of the Scottish government with over 50 offices globally. The organisation’s office in Singapore acts as a hub for the surrounding markets in South East Asia where the focus is on supporting trade from Scotland across the energy, science and technology and food and drink sectors, as well as working with international companies to support their investment in Scotland. Find out more at www.sdi.co.uk. Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) announced last month that Singapore GDP had grown by 14.3% in Q2. A welcome sign that many sectors are heading in a positive direction as our collective efforts navigate back into recovery. This was timely news as the Trade Services team delivered another Trade Webinar to a UK audience, focusing on the FMCG sector under the umbrella of the UK Government ‘Levelling Up’ initiative. This initiative aims to enable localised UK economic growth through development in infrastructure, in this case starting from the ground up by showcasing opportunities for producers to expand their exporting portfolio and in turn build out their business. The FMCG Trade Webinar welcomed the expertise of members Euromonitor, Vistra, VF and guest speaker Lazada (RedMart). Valuable insights on consumer trends provided by Euromonitor unearthed some interesting findings - this can be downloaded for further reading here. Sterling members VF, parent company to some of the most well-known apparel brands including The North Face, Dickies and Timberland, also shared their fascinat- ing story of growth and relocation from Hong Kong to Singa- pore. Looking forward, the Trade Services team continue to work strategically in strengthening opportunities and supporting growth for UK companies in Singapore. Having supported 379 UK SME’s in 2020 which generated $47+ million in exports, 2021 is looking no less vibrant. Our Education and Learning Hub, launched in February, along with our Future of Trade Information Hub enables ease of access to key information – and as we hope to enjoy an easing of restrictions, the team look to creative means to connect Singapore and UK businesses such as competitions and taste trials. This is in addition to our business-matching projects where UK companies such as Poly- seam, Manilife and Yuzu juice producers Gerald McDonald & Co seek to develop relationships with those in market. We con- tinue our work with partners the British Council to launch the ‘Knowledge is GREAT Careers Talks’, supporting UK Universities showcasing specific courses to Singapore school students who are considering their Higher Education options. Our first session will showcase Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, where we will welcome speakers from UK institutions as well as recent graduates and alumni from UK Universities now working in impactful and diverse industry positions. Contact the Trade Services team if you would like their support at [email protected] More resources are available at www. britcham.org.sg/trade-services- support Catch a replay of our recent Trade Webinars: Maritime Healthcare & HealthTech Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) SPECIAL FEATURE: THE FUTURE OF TRADE UPDATES FROM THE TRADE SERVICES TEAM