Orient Magazine Issue 83 - August 2021 | Page 16

Singapore ' s Multi-Ministry Taskforce announce new travel tier system and reduced safe distancing measures for vaccinated residents
With the majority of the resident population now vaccinated , the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced this month that countries / regions will be classified in one of four categories , each with differentiated border measures , based on a traveller ’ s 21-day travel history prior to their entry into Singapore . If the traveller visits or transits through countries / regions in different categories , the most stringent set of requirements among those countries / regions will apply . Read more about the tiers in the MTI infographic on the right , or visit http :// safetravel . ica . gov . sg .
Beyond the tier framework , a new Vaccinated Travel Lane will facilitate fully vaccinated persons to travel into Singapore under reduced border measures . Put simply , the VTL pilot provides for a limited number of non-stop designated flights of vaccinated individuals travelling for any purpose , who will not have to serve a SHN , but will have to undergo extensive testing . Singaporean Citizens and permanent residents will not need to apply for a pass to use a VTL ( but are subject to all other conditions ), whereas pass holders will need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass ( VTP ) between 7 and 30 days before their intended date of entry into Singapore . The pilot will begin with Brunei and Germany ( both Tier 2 countries ) from 1 September , at which time applications will open for any necessary passes .
From 21 August , ICA will issue a tamper-proof vaccination sticker to be affixed onto the passport of newly arrived travellers who were fully vaccinated overseas with a WHO- Emergency Use Listing ( EUL ) vaccine , and who can furnish a valid , English-language vaccination certificate . These travellers will be eligible for vaccination-differentiated safe management measures if they produce their passport with the valid tamper-proof sticker affixed . To obtain this sticker , travellers should produce their English-language vaccination certificates to ICA officers at the Singapore immigration checkpoints upon arrival . By September , the IT systems will also be enhanced so that travellers , upon verification of their eligible vaccination status at entry , will also be recognised by the SafeEntry Business app through their TraceTogether Apps / Tokens to be eligible for vaccination-differentiated safe management measures .
For guidance on local safe distancing measures visit our Covid Information Hub at covid . britcham . org . sg