Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021 - Page 67

Asia - the next stop for CCUS financing efforts
There is a high-potential market and opportunity for development of CCUS in Asia . While learnings from the business models in US and Europe could be applied to Asia , what can be learned from the energy transition initiatives ( e . g . rapid solar and wind power developments ) implemented in Asia , is that the region does not need to just replicate what is being done elsewhere .
Instead , it is important to be aware of the lessons learned and adapt accordingly in order to progress more quickly . With a new energy and infrastructure system under construction in this region , there is the opportunity for Asia to match or exceed the progress currently being made in CCUS in Europe , in order to create a truly decarbonised economy for the region .
This article was contributed by Ben Arnott of BritCham ’ s Energy & Utilities Committee .
ABOUT THE COMMITTEE BritCham ’ s Energy & Utilities Business Committee consists of members based in Singapore working across the region and dedicated to building out the region ’ s infrastructure . Our programme of activity in 2020 has a strong focus on climate change and decarbonisation in the run up to the COP26 conference to be held in the UK , postponed to 2021 . The design , operations , and the financial , legal and technical expertise needed for the power , water and waste treatment buildout in the region are the cornerstone of the committee and forms the expertise that we showcase and connect to our members . For more information , please visit britcham . org . sg / committees / energy-and-utilities