Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021 - Page 63

Think Digital ’ s approach to smart city creation through digital transformation focuses on the importance of mixeduse developments . We believe that this innovative solution allows for the outcome to thrive in a digitally integrated ecosystem . Our bottom-up approach to smart city development is a systemic solution , focusing not only on the individual innovations that will digitally transform the city but also considering the city as a whole system . This approach provides insight into the how each part of the city will be affected and interact with the others , providing insight into the most effective means of technology implementation and integration . By driving focus on understanding what makes a smart city successful , we have identified the five essential pillars to smart city development which include :
• Focus on the environment by adopting building practices and procedures that will have the lowest impact on the natural environment and efficiently manage energy and water use .
• Focus on quality of life by executing practices that meet the lifestyle demands of the citizens living in the city .
• Focus on public transportation that paves the way to economic growth and stability , allowing easier city access for residents and visitors .
• Focus on the Internet of Things ( IoT ) which allows for streamlined data collection and analysis for efficient delivery in solutions and smart city development projects .
• Focus on growth , both physical and economic , to allows for the city to a growth in revenue , quality of life , resident engagement and city growth .
The benefits of this progression are not just improved technology systems or a rise in revenue , but most importantly improving the lifestyle and success for citizens , retail outlets and service providers . Every city has the potential to evolve through digital transformation into a smart city with the right technological integrations .
This article was contributed by Stuart Pearce of BritCham ’ s Information & Communications Technology Committee .
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