Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021 - Page 53

Computing is the Edge
Right from the initial days of human history , businesses that optimally surf the technology adoption curve have forged ahead . In our modern-day context , utilising the power of IoT and the next generation of 5G technology is key for businesses that strive to reach customers everywhere , every time .
Optimal IoT-driven business strategy and personalised service delivery will help organisations to remain competitive and relevant to evolving customer needs . This is where 5G connectivity complements IoT deployments to realise strategy that sustains and improves profitability for your business .
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Chris leads the Enterprise Business Group ’ s ( EBG ) 5G Solutions Delivery team , where he manages the 5G IoT team to implement sensor data into StarHub ’ s 5G IoT Platform across various verticals from Building Management , Fleet Monitoring to Warehouse and Logistics Management . As a proven project leader , he also oversees all planning and strategic data management to identify insights from huge data volume across multiple systems . Chris ’ expertise in managing finances to maximise revenues and ability to establish excellent team dynamics saw a successful launch of the StarHub 5G IoT Platform . He also led an analytics project where he monitored the occupancy , financial arrears and performed geospatial analytics to optimise overall performance .
ABOUT THE COMPANY StarHub is the choice info-communications service provider for the government and businesses in Singapore . With our extensive fibre and wireless infrastructure and global partnerships , we provide businesses quality mobile and fixed services , and a diverse range of communication and collaboration solutions . We help drive digital transformation in corporate and government clients through 5G solutions , Hybrid Cloud services , Internet of Things , Security , Data Analytics .
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