Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021 - Page 52

When we compare 5G with other wireless technologies , the technology ’ s unparalleled device density support makes it ideal for SKU and logistics workflow management in smart warehouses . One such example is the demand-based optimisation of forklift routes and inventory management using IoT , 5G and Machine Learning ( ML ).
Last mile shipment delivery will also see revolution in the form of unmanned drones and autonomous vehicles . This is where the use of public and private 5G networks provide ubiquitous , ultralow latency connectivity .
Facilitate Manufacturing Next
Smart Factories are the latest wave of manufacturing transformation . Mercedes-Benz ' s “ Factory 56 ” in Germany is a great case study on this front .
Mercedes-Benz ' s highly automated factory utilises IoT and 5G connectivity to create driverless transport lines that offer highly flexible vehicle assembly options that cater to demand variations . Intelligent component picking systems that use IoT and computer vision is a salient feature of next-gen shopfloors like Factory 56 . Live digital tracking data of each vehicle on the assembly line is provided to personnel for completely paperless operations .
Highly personalised offers on the fly translate to an increase in instant purchase decisions , better in-store customer guidance and friction-free checkouts .
Ever ready care
Healthcare is a significant beneficiary of IoT , with applications ranging right from patient care to hospital management and health insurance . A case in point features hospital management using integrated command centres and IoT distributed devices .
Hospitals rely on a large number of IoT devices spread across the facility to streamline inpatient management . These IoT use cases leverage 5G ’ s ubiquitous connectivity to streamline processes like patient wait times , bed assignments , inventory management and overall hygiene levels . Facial recognition and body temperature screening using IoT devices can be used for automated access control or contact tracing .
Another interesting deployment is the increase in remote patient monitoring via wearable devices . Such options benefit patients and physicians alike in these pandemic times . We can soon expect smart implants that leverage sensor data and 5G connectivity to enable speedy diagnosis .