Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021 - Page 46

Reflecting on these developments , Nexia TS Group CEO and Chief Innovation Officer , Mr Henry Tan , says the SGUnited Traineeships and Mid- Career Pathways programmes could not have been timelier to help ease the financial strain on businesses caused by COVID-19 , while giving the company access to a wider pool of talent with diverse background and specialisation . Mr Tan added that the pandemic caused many businesses to rethink and transform . While doing that , some jobs were unfortunately impacted . However , with the Redeployment PCP reskilling programme , they were heartened that some of their people could be redeployed into enhanced job roles and continue giving their best to the firm .
For both the Singapore workforce and WSG , it is no longer a question of merely bouncing ‘ back ’ from a pandemic but more about bouncing ‘ forward ’ into the future . With human capital being the biggest enabler of business success , WSG is about working closely with Singapore ’ s firms to embark on job redesign and co-creating human capital solutions to support them in their business and workforce transformation journey .
That the future of work is here , be it from a job role or skills perspective , and that it is now unfolding before our very eyes is something WSG is acutely aware of . Cliched as it may sound , it is more relevant in the Singapore of today where change is a constant . This future where recovery is certain but also patchy , is one which we march into with resilience and emerge together stronger as a nation from the pandemic .
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Julia Ng Lee Hoon is the Group Director , Enterprise Development Group of WSG . She leads and drives human capital capability development and workforce transformation , including job redesign and sectoral data insights to support industry transformation , in collaboration with industry partners to prepare our workforce to be ready for the Future of Work . Workforce development and helping companies with human capital solutioning has been a central part of Julia ' s work for the past decade . This is what defines and drives her forward .
ABOUT THE COMPANY Workforce Singapore ( WSG ) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower ( MOM ). It oversees the transformation of the local workforce and industry to meet ongoing economic challenges . While its key focus is to help workers meet their career aspirations and secure quality jobs at different stages of life , WSG will also address the needs of business owners and companies by providing support to enable manpower-lean enterprises to remain competitive . Visit www . wsg . gov . sg for more information .