Orient Magazine Issue 81 - April 2021 - Page 39

A fitness session in progress and PRU Workplayce - Social spaces at Prudential ' s Marina One office . These photos were taken pre-COVID .
Last year we worked together on a fair manpower practices video . You shared how the company works within the framework of programs provided by the Ministry of Manpower and other agencies to transform the skills within your workforce . What recommendations would you make to our members to leverage on these kinds of programmes ?
A large part of our future of work narrative is around the capabilities that are required for the jobs of the future . In the financial services sector , there ' s been extensive work to address what some of these roles will look like , but more importantly identifying the capabilities that would be needed which define and guide us when it comes to what we ’ ll do next with our existing workforce .
Whatever industry you ' re in , I think you have to be honest and real as to where you are as an organisation today , including the full repository of your capabilities . You need to do some future-gazing , at least three to five years ahead where possible , to try and challenge yourselves in terms of what ' s going to change and what capabilities and people you will need . The wonderful part of being in Singapore is that you are going to be spoiled for choice in terms of where to find the appropriate support to build those capabilities . We ' ve seen industry-specific initiatives that are very strongly endorsed and adopted , and generic skills programmes such as SkillsFuture , that are ideal to adopt within your team . Once you ’ re able to understand the skills required for the future , you ’ ll be able to contextualise the resources that you ’ ll need .
I think it ' s quite important for businesses to be clear where they ' re headed and then be able to bring in the right resources to match the needs of their organisation . A big part of this entire move will only be possible if there ' s an ongoing emphasis on getting employees to feel like they are in the driver ' s seat . While we sit together and speak about the future of work and what that looks like , you ' ve got to invite the employee into the conversation and create a level of awareness on what the future could potentially look like .
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