Orient Magazine Issue 79 - October 2020 | Page 48

Trade Relationships for The Future:

Digital Healthcare Mission to Singapore


LightOx are developing light activated drugs initially for the treatment of Oral cancers, using new technologies LightOx is changing the way in which light-based therapies are delivered to the patient through a new class of patented small molecule, fluorescent drugs which overcome the limitations of current light based treatments. LightOx also offer research tools to the industry including a number of fluorescent probes and most recently their PhotoReact365 a benchtop photoreactor enabling reproducible irradiation for photochemical and photobiological applications. These are both available for purchase via MilliporeSigma.

Micropore Technologies

Micropore Technologies, based at the Wilton Centre on Teesside, is a technology solutions provider to multiple market sectors whose clients manufacture formulated products. These range from small volume specialist controlled release drugs and novel vaccines in the pharma sector through fragrance encapsulation in the cosmetics sector to large volume microcapsules and emulsions for the food and household products sectors. The company’s award winning technology delivers significantly increased yields, zero waste and improved product performance for its clients. Around 85% of its revenues come from export markets across the globe. It has a presence in the USA and India and has sales in over 30 countries and has plans to enter more country markets in the Americas and Far East.


The OptiMe digital solution provides personalised employee wellbeing on the go with an extensive bank of video workshops developed by leading professionals, a goal setting feature, occupational exercises, bespoke recipes and 24/7 Wellbeing Support Line. Our team will support your organisation to build a culture of wellbeing whilst providing personalised support to employees for greater health, happiness and productivity. Gain insight into organisational wellbeing and trends through the OptiMe HR Support Platform. Here you will have the capability to send out employee engagement surveys, analyse data, create and distribute awards and add new employees to the system.

ActivCare Coaching

At ActivCare Coaching, our Training Courses and CPD Resources enable care staff to deliver high quality seated activity sessions to help improve or maintain the health and wellbeing of participants. We help organisations who want to make an impact to the wellbeing of adults in their care and are trying to deliver high standards under tough commercial pressures. We support and nurture our learners throughout their training process with the skills and knowledge to make a difference to participants' wellbeing and become Accredited Coaches. Our fun and informative CPD Resources support ongoing development for ActivCare Coaches once they are accredited.

Duco Digital

Duco Digital is the leading online UK BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) accredited provider of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses for individuals and businesses looking to understand the benefits of using AI and Machine Learning, how to identify commercial opportunities; choosing the right application, best practices, the challenges of AI and ethics, and understanding EU guidelines, along with a globally recognised professional certification and career support. Duco Digital also provides professional digital marketing services including marketing automation with SharpSpring, commercial websites, social media marketing, digital advertising, SEO and marketing consultancy including promoting new products or services to the UK.

Ghost Innovations

Due to a personal life experience, Ghost Innovations Ltd designed and developed Ghost - digital life goes on, which is a phone App specifically aimed at people who have a terminal illness. It provides the tools to enable phone calls, videos, photos and text messages to be created and scheduled to a date in the future to friends and loved ones. Ghost App works via a scheduled service, messages can be sent to loved ones for up to 50 years in the future. Imagine receiving a phone call from a family member who has passed away 5 years ago? Whether it be a birthday or a special occasion, the possibilities are endless and the content, absolutely priceless.