Orient Magazine Issue 76 - April 2020 - Page 50


Sport at Dulwich College (Singapore) and Links to Academic Excellence

“In my judgment, physical fitness is basic to all forms of excellence and to a strong, confident nation.” – Robert Kennedy 1925-1968, 64th US President.

The thoughts of the late Robert Kennedy are very similar to those practiced now at Dulwich College (Singapore). Sports and physical education are part of the DNA of the College, helping students achieve excellence in all areas.

There have been many academic studies in the recent past which have finally disproved the myth that taking part in sport occurs at the expense of attaining well academically. In fact, taking part in competitive sport and leading a healthy lifestyle is fundamental in developing excellence in all areas; an approach which Dulwich College (Singapore) is proud to be driving. An article in the Daily Telegraph last year highlighted that “Children should not stop playing sport in the run up to exams as it has no impact on results”. Harvard Medical School recently published an article stating that “Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills”. And John Ratey's book ‘Spark: The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain’ underlines the direct link between active healthy living and improved cognitive function and positive behavioural change. The place of sport and quality physical education in schools has never been more relevant for young people.

The sports programme at Dulwich College (Singapore) is based on the long-term athletic development of the individual, with specific focus given to every single student throughout their time at the College. Particular focus on the Early Years and Junior School fundamental movement patterns, and developing games for understanding

Sport at Dulwich College (Singapore) and Links to Academic Excellence

Regardless of the level of sporting ability, Dulwich College (Singapore) works with students to make them the best that they can be, focusing on developing attitudes and behaviours, not simply training skills and tactics. It is the attention to the individual and the positive development of their intrinsic behaviour values that makes sport at Dulwich College (Singapore) so unique.


morning training sessions help students to focus in class and instil discipline and positive behaviour patterns which are then transferred into the classroom.