Orient Magazine Issue 69 - November 2018 - Page 77

Orient - The Official Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore - Issue 69 November 2018

meaning, purpose and goals;

Composure – assisting with understanding and developing stress management and emotion regulation;

Reasoning – building skills in problem solving, anticipation and preparation;

Health – helping people understand the importance of
nutrition, sleep, exercise and its effect on brain health;

Tenacity – building persistence and optimism through adversity, and lastly
Collaboration – building support networks and relationships.

The company runs training programmes that help employees to understand themselves, focus on strengths, developing a sense of purpose, collaboration and reasoning. Further work needs to occur in the areas of health and composure development. The content and delivery of these areas is under development but tools do exist to measure resilience, which will create a dialogue with employees so that a journey to strengthen the elements can begin. The brain is a complex electrochemical organ that has amazing capacity to change. It is “plastic” and all that is needed is a compelling narrative to change and a committed company and employee to make it happen.

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to our members to continue the Mental Health conversation.
If your company is interested in getting involved in our planned mental health event or in simply sharing your stories, please contact Lucy Haydon at lucy@britcham.org.sg.

The goal of the Chamber's Diversity and Inclusion Business Group is to provide a forum for members to promote D&I in the workplace by:
• Raising awareness and sharing best practice around the various challenges and opportunities;
• Building relationships with and providing inspiration, encouragement and support to members;
• Engaging with and empowering local business leaders, employees and other communities;
influencing relevant stakeholders; and
• Generally contributing towards enhancing the reputation of BritCham as an organisation committed to D&I.

For more information visit www.britcham.org.sg/business-group-details/diversity-inclusion