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3 . Show Up Where It Matters
4 . Content , Content , Content
5 . Website Optimization

3 . Show Up Where It Matters

You need to have your business listed online for people to find you . And there are many , many directories online beyond the first page of the search results .
Listing your practice will make it easier for new patients to find you . A great way to get there is to start small ; list your practice on local directory pages . Then , make your way through the internet and get yourself on as many relevant listings as possible .
Keep your directories updated , giving people the best opportunity to find your most recent information .
Top tip : Ensure that the information across directories is exactly the same so that you don ’ t confuse Google . For example if you are Suite 100 or # 100 , write it the same each time .
Besides directories , you can run ads to show up at the top of search results . Google ads are one of our favourite ways to ensure you show up when a patient is actively searching for an eye care provider . well from all platforms . You can hire someone to help optimize your site , or build you a new one . Optimizing your website helps with your rankings and accessibility .
If your website doesn ’ t perform well , or it looks bad , people are less likely to keep clicking .
Fill Your Schedule With New Patients
Following these five ways to get new patients can help your practice tremendously . They aren ’ t small feats , so it may take some time on your own , but soon your new patient base will start to increase .
You can always enlist a professional team to help market your business and get new patients into your exam room . Companies like Marketing4ECPs are designed to make the process stress-free and simple .
Keri Sculland is a content writer and copy editor at Marketing4ECPs . As a content and communications specialist , Keri has been writing academic and professional articles for newspapers and magazines across North America for more than a decade . Read more about Keri and Marketing4ECPs at www . marketing4ecps . com .

4 . Content , Content , Content

From the written words across your website , social media and search results to the images you choose and the videos you post , content is everything .
It ’ s one thing to post content , but it ’ s another to post good , unique content . Try to think of what your new patient wants to see . They might not need all of the details about every form of multifocal contact lenses . They want to know who you are , where you are , and what services you offer . Integrating good search engine optimization ( SEO ) practices will help your content feel natural and rank well in search engines . Create content that reflects what a patient will search for when looking for eye care or eyewear . Keep it medical and technical or make it fun . Just make sure it reflects who you are — and is interesting to your new and existing patients .

5 . Website Optimization

Have you ever clicked on a website and it takes forever to load ? Half the time , you exit out and try another site instead .
Don ’ t be that website .
Since 55 per cent of web users are searching from a mobile device , you need to ensure your site looks great and works
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