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where to start
Communicate the value to the consumer


value proposition is the unique experience that the business promises to deliver to its customers or clients .
Competition in the optical industry is fiercer than we have ever seen , so doing an excellent job of educating consumers about what you do and the value you offer is critical .
Identify and communicate your value proposition and you will find success .

where to start

Identify what your business does that adds value and makes you stand out . Be sure your team is aligned !
Does the team really understand your value proposition and are they able to articulate what you do and what you offer ? It is a big mistake to assume they do .

Value Talk

Communicate your value proposition to find success
BY NANCY DEWALD , Lead Up Training and Consulting
Let me share a story about assuming people know what you do . Several years back , I had been promoted to a position that I had been working toward for some time , Director of Eyecare . One day , with my son , someone asked “ what does your mom do ?” His response : “ the dishes .” He was not wrong . That is what he saw , that was his perception . I had never ever taken the time to explain to him what I do and the value I bring to work . The moral of the story : do not assume they know .
When working with staff , involve them in defining the value proposition your company offers . Incorporate their ideas and be clear and specific with them in terms of why people should buy there . When they truly understand the things that set you apart , they will be invested and supportive .
In addition , take the time to explain details like pricing and value . Optical staff often do not understand the big picture .
In eyecare , many staff feel the business charges too much for products or services because no one has taken the time to explain . I have heard this time and again . With eyewear , your staff only see the price of the lens and frame and may feel the markup is excessive . They assume the owner makes all that profit . What they do not understand is all the costs that go into the delivery of that product : like costs for the nice up-to-date space , top-of-the-line equipment , advertising , generous assortment , skilled and trained staff , complimentary fittings , adjusting , problem-solving , complimentary drinks , insurance , shipping costs , technology , extra training the doctors have , convenient location , evening and weekend hours , the list goes on . What about the value of preventative health care ? How can a price be put on that ?
Their perception is their reality . Influence their reality – explain .

Communicate the value to the consumer

How and when to communicate your value proposition to your customer :

1Marketing - When you have an excellent value proposition , it is easy to be loud and proud about what you offer . Share with consumers based on what is important to them – preventative health care , customized lenses , large assortment of frames , experienced staff , convenient location and hours , doctors with special interests .

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