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OPTICAL PRISM | FEATURE central workshop , when she opened Voskin ’ s in Griffintown in 2013 .
Embellished with antiques and keepsakes from roadshows and fairs , walking into Voskin ' s is like a trip down memory lane . So much to entice and engage the eye , while cool independent collections are spaced generously , throughout the displays . Craftsmanship , aesthetics and identity are where Voskin ’ s engages us , through history , older objects — each telling their own story while delighting us in sharing the experience . The selection of collections is vast and yet based on a simple philosophy , one of true craftsmanship .
In 2016 , Voskin ' s opened their second location in Montreal ' s hipster district , Le Plateau .
With its crafty space and sunlight , a visit to either Voskin ' s location is a warm and memorable experience .
WATERLOO ' S EYES ON KING When I first visited this boutique several years ago , what I found most interesting was how a simple narrow space was reshaped by inverted displays of rich wood , neutral colour with a feature back wall with a splash of blue , featuring a bright painting that epitomizes eyewear . Upon entering this shop , you are immediately drawn in by the warmth and splash of colour and simplicity by design . The expression " simple sells " is what comes to mind and in the selection of the most highly sought-after collections , Marcus has created a warm space in the heart of Waterloo , for all to embrace .
MONCTON ' S OFF THE WALL EMPORIUM " Not your ordinary eyewear shop !"
With over 25 years of experience , Steve and Jennifer have created a space that not only features independent and handmade eyewear , but accessories and various local business offerings as well .
Philanthropy is a big part of this boutique and when you enter this spacious shop , you are not overwhelmed . Instead , you are embraced by various independent and original collections , all placed by designer , with momentos that grace the groupings , as each designer has its own personality .
Much time and effort were put into this great find and what makes this shop so exciting is not only the layout and unique collections , but the people . There is a strong sense of family and community at " Off the Wall " and this is what keeps this shop on the top of my destination list .
TORONTO ' S HOLLY EYEWEAR Style is everywhere and Holly knows her demographic well .
Located in the heart of the trendy Yorkville district , Holly Eyewear is where passion meets fashion . With exceptional detail , this boutique draws you in by its simplicity and elegance . Its clean , sleek design is heightened luxury and yet understated .
Many celebrities shop at Holly ' s Eyewear , you never know who you ' re going to meet , and the limitless collections that adorn the store are provocative and exciting . It ' s all about being original and keeping within the philosophy of uniqueness , while not overwhelming the customer . A great destination served with a side of stellar service and cutting edge style .
GATINEAU ’ S PHILÉMON MAISON D ' OPTIQUE Hand-tailored to perfection , this destination is filled with rich wood , masterfully crafted presentation
Holly ' s Eyewear
Off The Wall Emporium
trays , high ceilings , suspending fixtures and hidden nooks to escape into the experience .
Featuring the most diverse independent designer frames , tucked away in hand-carved , wooden shelves , with the pièce de résistance to the ultimate experience : barber chairs , placed in front of tall mirrors for viewing and final fittings .
As lavish and exciting as this space is , family-first with a cool kid ' s corner and cafe / latte bar with tabletop , for your comfort and pleasure . This brilliantly designed boutique implements psychological dividers , to separate the space , and is done so , with creative genius . This shop is a testimony to the most original dimensions of our exciting , diverse and inviting industry .
In teaming up both personally and professionally , Sophie Perrier-Côté and Yves Michaud have knocked it out of the park and cater to those who appreciate details with the enhanced experience . OP
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