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soothing green light to help people manage light sensitivity and migraine attack pain .
Avulux Co-Founder Charles Posternack explains the positive results patients are seeing with his product : “ Avulux was shown to be both clinically and statistically significant in relieving both migraine headache pain and light sensitivity at two hours post-application , when accounting for all severities of headaches in subjects who followed the study protocol . This is the highest level of scientific validation .”
Transitions lenses
The relationship between light and vision is complicated . We ’ re told that too many lights can lead to additional fatigue , and that long-term exposure to UV rays and harmful blue light can lead to long-term damage .
On the other hand , we ’ re told that more time out in the sun reduces the rates of myopia in our children ?
So what are we supposed to do ?
That ’ s why many ECPs still tout Transitions as one of the best all-around solutions for vision correction in almost all patients .
“ Our need to protect our eyes from harmful lights has become more relevant ,” says Arnaud Rajchenbach , marketing manager and sales at Transitions Optical .
“ To help with light management across different light situations , Transitions lenses are a great solution as they block 100 % of UVA and UVB rays and help protect against sources of harmful blue light including digital devices , screens , and especially bright sun . By optimizing the amount of light your eyes receive , they also help reduce glare , eye fatigue , and strain for more comfortable vision in changing light conditions .”
Transitions also ensures you don ’ t have to sacrifice your sense of style , with the Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses now available in a variety of colours . Patients can also opt for the new generation of Transitions XTRActive lenses that go extra dark outdoors or the Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses for even more comfort . OP

Shielding kids ’ eyes from harmful light

Essilor Canada is extending its family of Eyezen + lenses , which enhance vision on screens and protect eyes from harmful light , with a new lens designed specifically for children .
Eyezen + Kids lenses take into account children ' s ( aged 6-12 ) parameters such as their morphology , their object distance and gaze directions to offer them better visual comfort and protection .
With Eyezen + Kids lenses , eyecare professionals are equipped to meet the specific children ’ s visual needs and allow them to discover , learn something new everyday , all while enjoying every magical moment of their childhood .
Essilor ’ s R & D department has found that children tend to move their eyes a lot more and often look up at the world around them because they are smaller , thus using a larger surface of the lens . In addition , children ' s arms are shorter than those of adults . They therefore look at objects at a closer distance than adults . Finally , children have different facial features than adults .
Today ’ s standard single-vision lenses are not optimized for children . Essilor specially developed lenses meet their visual needs .
The Eyezen DualOptim Kids technology takes children ’ s parameters into account to optimize the surface of the lens with 60 per cent more surface area for optimal correction than a standard single vision lens . We maintain a child ' s prescription while using two reference points ( not only the centre of the lens ) to optimize the surface of the lens up to 60 per cent more surface area for all of a child ' s gaze directions ( not only the centre of the lens ).
In addition , Crizal coatings provide advanced clarity and durability of the lenses and the Blue UV Capture Technology protects children ’ s eyes from any harmful surrounding light , like that emitted by digital devices .
Vision plays a key role in children ’ s development and growth . With Eyezen + Kids , give children a wider vision zone in a more comfortable lens .
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