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Myopia is an epidemic affecting millions of children around the world .

In fact , studies suggest that by 2050 , half of the world ’ s population will be myopic or have myopia .
As part of Vision Health Month in Canada , we are focusing on some new lens technologies to help curve the onset of myopia and other common causes of vision loss .
Essilor is hoping to equip eye care professionals with a solution to reduce damaging myopia in children .
Released this spring , Essilor ' s Stellest lenses slow down myopia progress by 67 per cent on average when worn 12 hours a day , compared to single-vision lenses .
“ As a world leader in vision care , it is our responsibility to play a leading role in the fight against myopia with cutting-edge innovation and resources to help eyecare professionals provide the highest quality of care and impact the lives of many young children ,” says Christophe Perreault , President of Essilor Canada . “ We are very proud to bring this full range of myopia management solutions to Canada , making it the first country in North America to launch this vision care system .”
Creating a complete vision care system , Essilor Stellest™ lenses are complemented by a suite of advanced equipment from Axis Médical , such as the Myopia Expert 700 with the Essibox Myopia Care , and comprehensive protocol and training to help eyecare professionals in the myopia care journey to elevate their myopia management practice .
Also fighting myopia progression is the MyFOCUS lens distributed by Plastic Plus with advanced myopia management technology designed specifically for children .
“ MyFOCUS provides a reduction in myopia deepening and axial growth . Offering the thinnest and most comfortable visual experience , the lens corrects myopia and improves visual clarity ,” says Plastic Plus vice-president Jason Faibish .
This lens is ideal for children ages six to 16 who are experiencing symptoms of myopia and promises to correct blurry vision when looking at distant objects , reduces the need to squint to see clearly and relieves headaches that are usually caused by eyestrain .
“ It slows the progression of myopia through increased focus and the prevention of the elongation of the eye ,” explains Faibish . “ A clear zone of approximately 10mm

60 %

in diameter creates a defocus area that forces the eye to look through the clear zone , strengthening the eye muscles and slowing myopia progression .”
For nearly a decade , HOYA Canada ’ s MiYOSMART lenses have been trusted by ECPs as an effective , non-invasive way to manage myopia in children .
The lens relies upon its patented Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments ( D . I . M . S .) technology to alter the focus area and defocus areas to deliver clear vision while at the same time managing myopia .
“ Our MiYOSMART lens is the ultimate myopia control solution ,” explains Kim Kochendorfer , an optician and myopia management specialist . “ Our 60 per cent average slowdown in myopic progression is based on a highly credible , two-year peer-reviewed double-masked clinical study published in the British journal of ophthalmology .”
And for parents worried about the durability of these lenses , HOYA Canada has that covered too .
MiYOSMART comes with an easy-to-wipe special anti-reflective , durable coating . The lens is constructed from impact-resistant materials that also provide essential UV protection .
The Avulux ® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lens is a patented , multi-band precision optical filter .
The Avulux lens was designed by neuro-ophthalmology and optics researchers to selectively absorb the most painful wavelengths of light while allowing in
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