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Comprehensive eye examinations should always be an essential part of everyone ’ s health check-up routine . It is quite true when it is said that our eyes are the windows to our soul . During routine eye exams , early signs of potentially life-threatening conditions , such as diabetes , hypertension , and high cholesterol , can be seen . Early detection and prevention is key for future-proofing your body and health ."
DR . BOSUN KIM . Optometrist , Vancouver , B . C .

How can ECPs help patients improve their overall health ?

“ Through routine annual or emergency visits to optometrists , an ocular examination can reveal structural changes that suggest the patient is at risk of developing or worsening systemic conditions , such as diabetes , hypertension and hypercholesterolemia , before detection at an annual physical exam with their family doctor . Eye care practitioners can also discover ocular anomalies that relate to autoimmune diseases , such as Sjogren ’ s Syndrome and , in worst cases , life-threatening pathologies , such as hypertensive crisis , melanoma , brain tumours and aneurysms . The advent and study of new technologies , such as optical coherence tomography , have also revealed relationships between retinal tissue health and a patient ’ s risk of developing dementia .”
AARON TAI , Optometrist , Aurora , ON .
“ Did you know that one in four students in every classroom has a vision-related learning disability ? Did you know that a concussion or brain injury significantly impacts the visual processing in the brain ? Did you know that performance lenses prescribed and dispensed by an eye care professional can significantly improve the quality of life for these patients ? In combination with proper nutritional and preventative health care advice , eye care professionals can improve the overall well-being of patients in so many ways .”
DR . STELIOS NIKOLAKAKIS , Adjunct Clinical Instructor , University of Waterloo School of Optometry .
“ Many people mistakenly believe that if they have clear vision , there is no need for an eye exam . However , a comprehensive eye exam can detect early or worsening signs of many systemic conditions , such as diabetes , hypertension , various autoimmune diseases and certain cancers . An eye doctor is often the first healthcare professional to detect these diseases and send to the appropriate specialist for management . Clear vision is just the tip of the iceberg . Having your eyes checked routinely can help maintain a person ’ s overall health , especially when these diseases are caught early , thereby allowing the patient to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to prevent disease progression .”
DR . LISA ANIDJAR , Optometrist , Toronto , ON .
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