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Changing the Way We Get Patients
1 . Building Your Brand
2 . First Impressions Matter

Five ways to get

new patients

People don ’ t go to their parents ’ doctors for their entire lives anymore . It ’ s not that they aren ’ t loyal , it ’ s just that they ’ re busy people who move around a lot and they are interested in different types of experiences .

Changing the Way We Get Patients

Because the world is so different now compared to even 10 years ago , optometrists need to change their method of getting new patients .
You need to stay on top of what ’ s most important to your new and existing patients to get more people through the doors and into your exam chair .

1 . Building Your Brand

Referrals are still important . The people who tell others about your practice are doing it for a reason , so it ’ s important to ensure you are consistent in your brand and messaging .
If someone refers your practice because they like the hip , relaxed atmosphere , make sure new patients get the same experience .
You can build your brand easily online through your website , social media and Google search results .
Emulate your tone of voice in everything you do , including in-house advertising and messaging .
As much as word-of-mouth referrals are important , so are the reviews you receive online . Encouraging your patients to leave reviews can help reflect the quality of your services . Which reviews should you go after ? Google reviews , hands down .

2 . First Impressions Matter

When you meet someone for the first time , how they act or how they come across likely sticks in your memory like glue .
The same thing happens when people see your practice for the first time . Whether in person or online , you need to make sure you are putting your best foot forward .
Using your brand colours in your office and across your online platforms helps people remember who you are . Consistency in your tone of voice and attitude helps , too .
Make sure your website , social media and Google results all reflect your brand , voice and personality .
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