Optical Prism July 2019 - Page 38

Special Feature 1 Information Night The eye care industry has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be shared. Ideas include putting on medical information events on topics like eye health and nutrition, diabetes and eyesight, dry eye and new treatments available to eyewear makeover events where the focus is on teaching how to choose the perfect eyewear to match your wardrobe and lifestyle. You can also highlight new equipment as the focus of your information event, showcasing what the technology can do like digital retinal imaging and OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) to IPL machines for dry eye can do to help vision and eye health. 2 Customer Appreciation Day The goal of a customer appreciation event is to make sure customers know about it and how much you appreciate them. It gives you the opportunity to reach out about the event, but also in the same communication tell your customers how much you love them. There are lots of great ideas on the Internet if you type in “customer appreciation day,” but the objective is to make it fun and exciting to visit your office on this day, from giveaways, prize draws, special discounts to food and refreshments. Showing the “love” to your customers every year is simply a good business strategy. 3 Moms Around Town Want to know why Williams Sonoma puts on “cupcake-building workshops for kids?” You got it, it’s to get mom into the store. Mothers not only make the majority of the healthcare decisions for the family, they are also the ones booking the appointments and reading information on childcare. 36 Optical Prism | July 2019 According to a Canadian Association of Optometrists study, one in four children has an undetected vision issue. What better way to introduce moms to a child’s eye health experience than planning a fun, kid-focused event? You can plan an activity that keeps the kids busy while you get a few precious moments with mom to educate her on the importance of regular eye exams for children. 4 Networking Event Think of all the businesses in your community. Just like you, they are looking for ways to grow their business and customer base. Utilize the power of networking and invite them to an event to get to know other like-minded companies and learn ways to collaborate and support each other. You can give a tour of your office and technology as well as a package with information on services. Include business cards they can hand out to their customers on your behalf. Collect all of their information so you can also share referrals. Don’t forget to invite local influencers and community bloggers. Last note…one last idea regarding events is to tie the event to a charitable cause. People love to support causes. It could be industry related, like one of the many eye care-related charities supporting third-world country missions or it could be as simple as a donation to the food bank. It drives a message of community and support, which goes a long way in saying your business is giving back when it can. OP Trudi Charest is the co-founder of Marketing4ECPs, a digital marketing company focused in eye care. Trudi can be reached at trudi@4ecps.com or www.marketing4ecps.com.