Optical Prism July 2019 - Page 30

On the Cover for important impact resistance,” says Isabelle Tremblay-Dawson, business development director at Transitions. “There are also many good reasons to include AR in your prescription for kids. The vision and aesthetic improvements AR provides helps facilitate a positive experience and gives kids clear and comfortable vision – reducing glare and reflections in polycarbonate lenses and from digital devices.” For an everyday lens option, Centennial Optical offers CHOICE BluSelect Polycarbonate lenses. protection with a 15-month lens replacement program. Nikon Optical Canada manufactures two lenses, Juveo and Kids, that are specifically made to protect the eyes of active children. “Juveo lenses specifically come in Transitions and with a blue light filter coating so children are protected in all circumstances,” says Lora Discenza, national marketing director, Nikon Optical Canada Inc. With Transitions photochromic technology, Juveo lenses darken on exposure to light and return to their clear state when indoors. They also block 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays. Juveo lenses are also coated with Nikon SeeCoat Blue UV to further protect against the exposure of high-energy blue light emitted by digital devices. 28 Optical Prism July 2019 Kids’ lenses by Nikon are available in two distinct packages. The performance package offers a superior optical performance lens with anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings. The lenses are available with Transitions Signature VII, grey, brown and graphite green options, and SeeCoat Blue coating. The resistance package is made of safe and impact resistant materials with HCC that eliminates glare and provides scratch resistance. Transitions lenses are an ideal choice for children as they block 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays and help to filter harmful blue light, both indoors and outdoors. They also reduce painful glare, allowing children to see their best in any light condition, reducing eye fatigue and improving visual comfort. “To make the ideal kids’ package, parents can add polycarbonate “There are several important features and benefits that ECPs and parents should look for in selecting lenses for children,” says Rick Leroux, director of marketing & communications, lens divison at Centennial Optical Limited. He encourages high-impact protection for physically active patients, anti-reflection coatings, as well as UV and HEV light protection. Polycarbonate is a good lens material choice for children since it provides high impact protection and lightweight comfort. CHOICE BluSelect lenses are virtually clear lenses and are fully compatible with anti-reflection coatings. For indoor wear, they are ideal for students dealing with prolonged exposure to HEV light, including fluorescent and LED lighting and digital screens. OP