Optical Prism July 2019 - Page 25

Special Feature Q: What are some strategies that ECPs can use to get more children in their offices? A: Participation in back-to- school or children’s vision month promotions as well as participation in the Eye See Eye Learn program run by most provincial optometric associations provide valuable opportunities to encourage parents to bring children in for a checkup Speaking with parents about the importance of children’s eye exams while they are having their eyes examined is another opportunity to share the importance of ensuring children’s eye health. Making the waiting room more child-friendly by offering quiet toys (that can be disinfected), books and/or colouring is a positive step to make children feel welcome too. Q: Are ECPs seeing an increase in the number of children with symptoms of digital eye strain/ computer vision syndrome? How can ECPs address this issue? A: Whether it be for education or entertainment, kids spend a large portion of their day looking at some type of screen or device, so it makes sense that ECPs are seeing more children with symptoms of digital eye strain/computer vision syndrome. Dr. Kirsten North The Canadian Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society developed screen time guidelines that provide wonderful guidance on how much is too much that could be shared with parents. Parents may also benefit from information on the potential impacts of blue light from screens and ways to avoid over-exposure. OP Optical Prism | July 2019 23