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On the Cover are on tap in the new GUESS kids collection from Marcolin Eyewear. Five fun and trendy frames are on offer for children between the ages of six and 10. For girls, Style GU9181 is an acetate square shape offered in a variety of colours mixed with sparkling glitter, while model GU9182 is a round acetate frame. For boys, GU9183 offers a round frame front and integrated hinges, while GU9184 is a rectangular- shaped frame. Model GU9185 boasts a combination of an acetate cat-eye frame front and metal temples. Marcolin has also introduced three new frames for boys and three new styles for girls from its Skechers Eyewear spring/summer 2019 collection. treatments, deliver the perfect combination of fun and style. Centennial Optical is working towards environmentally friendly frames for children. The new, fun collection features brand-driven designs with trendy elements and popular shapes that will appeal to today’s kids and tweens. Bright colourations and expressive graphics decorate each style, capturing the sport-inspired lifestyle of the brand’s DNA. “We are developing a line of kids’ plastic using eco-friendly materials in our Beaver Canoe collection,” says Linda Mulford-Hum, director of product development at Centennial Optical. Easy-to-wear, fashionable looks, including triple-colour striping, floral accents and polka dot detailing as well as sporty and youthful temple “This plastic material was developed from recycled waste plastic. Unfortunately, there is typically a lot of waste material in handmade plastics that are not made from ECO plastic.” Nano Vista Crew Nano Vista Replay New technology for children’s frames is also on the way from Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear. “The new Nano Finder coming down the pipeline is a revolutionary new product that uses sigfox technology in the temple tips to provide location finder information via an app,” says Cassandra Slepian, marketing manager. Skechers SE1640 Guess GU9184 “Lose your glasses? Check the app. Wondering where your child is playing at the park? Check the app! It is still in its prototype stage, Optical Prism | July 2019 19