Optical Prism July 2019 - Page 19

On the Cover OK339 OK338 Kids by Safilo SA 0008 Eyewear companies have many options for Canadian kids who want to update their look. Ogi Eyewear says it is noticing the spill-over of adult styles into children’s frames. “For kids searching for a look that reflects their grown-up role models, the OK339 is just for them, filled with more neutral colours that pull forth a sense of playfulness to any wearer,” says Alec Norem, digital copywriter at Ogi. The OK339 frame is a softer, rounder shape with a keyhole bridge that adds to the comfort and aesthetic of the frame. Model OK323, a new addition to the Ogi Kids Mommy & Me Collection, is a miniature version of the Ogi 4311 from the Evolution Collection. Handcrafted from sturdy stainless steel and triple- layered acetate, this frame is designed in a flattering feminine shape. “We’re so in love with a few of our colour schemes,” says Norem. “The OK323 and OK338 offer vibrant pops of pastel hues with the little details, such as handcrafted horned adornments or printed patterns.” The OK338 is a unique little cat-eye frame with charming hues that pop. Safilo also has a variety of fun and functional frames for kids of all ages. The Kids by Safilo collection offers new colours, details and comfort features. The frames are flexible and lightweight, with softly rounded profiles and integrated hinges to prevent injuries in case of impact. The styles dedicated to children from three to eight years offer translucent fronts combined with solid temples and come in bright, colourful patterns. Style SA 0003/N is a soft rectangular shape for four to six- year-olds. It is available in new tones of transparent blues with temples in a striped pattern. To complement the optical frame, a dedicated clip-on sun-cover is offered in blue with polarized gray lenses. Style SA 0004/N is a rounded silhouette and is available in transparent purple or pink with a star pattern. For older children, Style SA 0005/N and SA 0007 are square-shaped frames for seven to eight-year-olds. Juicy Couture by Safilo is launching this summer its Teen Eyewear by Juicy Couture collection, aimed at style-seeking girls between the ages of 13 and 18. Optical Prism | July 2019 17