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Preview SAFILO PLD 6088/S/X Polaroid Eyewear’s Heritage Capsule Collection for spring/ summer 2019 by Safilo stars original Polaroid styles reinterpreted according to the most updated trends. The collection is a celebration of the brand’s history, from the 1930s to today, with timeless silhouettes reimagined with a contemporary twist. Style PLD 6088/S/X are flat- PLD 6088/S/X top women’s cat-eye shaped sunglasses in acetate and stainless steel with the front defined by two low-relief graphic lines that enhance the personality of the frame. PLD 6086/S/X are squared men’s sunglasses in bi-layer acetate, with two relief graphic lines in bold colour contrasts on PLD 6086/S/X the front. For more information, contact your Safilo sales rep or call 1-800-387-7234. BLACKFIN Blackfin is introducing the Luminar, which it says is the lightest polarized lenses in the world, but with the visual quality of glass. The thin polarizing filter is actually integrated into the Ventura Luminar lens without the use of glue or low-quality adhesive film. This innovative breakthrough prevents distortion and tension. The lenses increase the perception of contrast and the brilliance and saturation of colours, as well as the sharpness of detail. For more information, visit: blackfin.eu 14 Optical Prism | July 2019