Optical Prism January 2019 - Page 8

From the editor The start of a new year is always an exciting time. And it's no different in the eyewear industry. January is the time of year when many optical companies release new frames and other products and announce the trends they are forecasting for the new year. In this issue of Optical Prism magazine, we look at the year ahead and also examine what is hot in the world of eyewear right now. Our assistant editor Jody Johnson-Pettit has spoken with eyewear companies about what they think will be the most sought-after looks for 2019. Some of the top trends for frames anticipated this year include clear acetates, stripes and geometric patterns, retro styles, metals and bright hues. Super-light frames are always in style, as they provide the comfort that many people rank as a top consideration when searching for a new pair of frames. Because of this, we have dedicated an entire article to featherweight frames and spoken to several companies about their latest styles in this category. We also find out in this issue about the newest technologies for lenses. This includes lenses that protect the eyes from the potentially damaging blue light from digital devices as well as lenses that keep our eyes safe from the rays of the sun. Transitions has many new lens options available and the company will almost certainly be announcing new products at next month's Transitions Academy. As always, we will be letting you know the big news from that event in Orlando, Florida. Also in this issue, we speak to the owners of the Canadian bespoke eyewear company Fellow Earthlings and the allure of customized, one-of-a-kind frames. We also look ahead to Vision Expo East, which is being held March 22 to 24 in New York City. We hope you enjoy this issue of Optical Prism magazine. Please make sure to check us out on social media – Facebook and Twitter – and visit our website opticalprism.ca regularly for the latest news in eyewear and eyecare. Happy new year! Denis Langlois, Editor. 6 OPTICAL PRISM January 2019