Optical Prism January 2019 - Page 23

Most people steer clear of heavy, clunky frames. This is something that eyewear companies, eyecare professionals and consumers know all too well. As a result, frame designers and manufacturers are continually developing eyewear in materials and with construction features that make them lighter than ever before. Zeiss, which produces both lenses and frames, puts it perfectly - “The lighter spectacles are, the more comfort- able they are to wear. Optimum comfort is achieved by making the frame and lenses as lightweight as possible.” Staag Fife The promise of lightweight, forget- they’re-even-there frames is definitely a big selling feature. The collections available to Canadian ECPs by Alternative/Plan “B” Eyewear include many lightweight frames. The Staag men’s collection, for example, features styles made from titanium that are “extremely lightweight yet durable,” according to Alternative/ Plan “B” Eyewear’s Cassandra Slepian. Staag models Ike, Elliott and Fife boast classic aviator or round shapes that are exaggerated with slight modern twists to elevate the look. Alternative/Plan “B” has also recently begun distributing iGreen custom frames in Canada. Staag Elliot Toronto-based Specsy, meanwhile, says its Digital Concrete custom frames, which the company officially launched in the fall, weight an average of just six grams each. They will be “one of the most light- weight frames you’ve ever worn,” Specsy says. Specsy “These frames are exceptionally light- weight to the point where it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing,” Slepian says. “They are made with a mix of light- weight polyamide and acetate. This collection offers a variety of ready- made styles but it is also completely customizable meaning patients can choose their temple and front colours, eye shape, size, et cetera. Completely unique to the person designing it.” “Specsy will change the way that consumers approach frame design and comfort by creating a customone-of- a-kind frame that not only possess superior durability capabilities, but also weighs significantly less than a typical acetate frame,” says Milan Madhavji, Specsy's chief technology officer. OPTICAL PRISM | January 2019 21