Optical Prism January 2019 - Page 20

Applications “WITH open for THE MAJOR 2017 Students of Vision INCORPORATION scholarship Program OF METALS, WE’RE Serengeti Raffaele Serengeti Leonora Serengeti’s 2019 Classic Collection features Spello and Tellaro. SEEING THE USE OF NATURAL, “55% of customers will TRUE METAL pay more for a better COLOURS LIKE sales experience.” SILVER, GOLD - DEFAQTO Research AND ROSE GOLD.” These two metal styles feature bright colours inside the temples that subtly spice up this timeless design. For women, there is a trend in “vintage shapes, feminine designs in warm colours, like tortoise and honey.” Glacee GL6886 Raffaele is Serengeti’s most vintage shape for the upcoming season. To complement the Raffaele is the elegant and trendy Leonora. Both styles are from the Serengeti Acetate collection. Both metal usage and built-up details are on the rise for the coming year. The Ogi Eyewear Red Rose Paiva cat-eye shape shows off its contrasting metals and designerly shielding along the temple rim. The Red Rose Asti frame is a classic P3 round shape. “With the major incorporation of metals, we’re seeing the use of natural, true metal colours like silver, gold and rose gold,” says Ogi designer Chelsey Wright. “Along with metals, the practice of revitalizing vintage wear is an exciting, ongoing project.” There is a focus this year on light-weight, slim designs, according to Alternative/ Plan “B” Eyewear. “Chunky looks have not come back around yet,” says Cassandra Slepian, marketing. 18 OPTICAL PRISM January 2019 Ice Cream IC9106 “Definitely keeping to some of the very cool vintage inspirations we’ve been seeing, Aviators and cat-eyes taken to their modern extreme, animal print and other graphic prints are also going to be present for the 2019 year.” These looks are visible in Glacee models GL6885 and GL6886. “Oversized rounds and the playful use of empty or negative space is also creating big looks.” Red Rose Pavia Red Rose Asti