Optical Prism April 2014 | Page 2

DID YOU KNOW? 40% of all UV exposure occurs when you are not in full sunlight THE ONLY NO-GLARE LENS WITH THE MOST COMPLETE UV PROTECTION • Eliminates glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water for enduring clarity of vision • Backside UV protection for long-term eye health (Also available with E-SPF 50+ on sun lenses) A new index developed by Essilor, endorsed by an independent 3rd-party, certifying the global UV protection of a lens. E-SPF 25 for Crizal lenses, except with Orma clear (E-SPF 10). Lens performance only: E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer’s morphology, frame shape, position of wear). Essilor®, Crizal®, and E-SPFTM are trademarks of Essilor International SA.