Opportunity Zone Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3 | Page 47

47 EB-5 AND OPPORTUNITY ZONE OFFERINGS — A SYNERGISTIC APPROACH By Ronald R. Fieldstone and Rohit Kapuria A comparison of the many similarities of the EB-5 and OZ programs and how it could be beneficial to participate in both at the same time. T here are many similarities between the EB-5 program and the Opportunity Zone program that lead to significant opportunities for undertaking both programs at the same time. These similarities include the following components: 1. Both programs involve the raising of capital from investors. 2. Both programs involve government sponsored programs. The EB-5 program is geared towards an immigration-based achievement whereby investors can receive U.S. residency and ultimate citizenship by investing a certain amount of capital in a job creating project. The OZ program is motivated by tax incentives based upon legislation and regulations proposed by the Department of Treasury. Similar to OPPORTUNITYZONE.COM