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more revenue and decreases turnover and expenses. Your employees want to know you care about them. And when they know you care, they will be better, more productive and happier…and so will you! So I ask you, do your employees know that you care? As a leader, engagement starts with you! In the past many of us (myself included) felt it was an employee’s responsibility to engage. But with the change in generation, I believe that it’s time for all of us to shift our thinking and become the “good teachers” we all loved as kids. The results are worth it! In my experience here are some things you can do to engage your associates and show them you really do care. Tell them “I know you have what it takes!” Good leaders believe in their people, even when their people don’t believe in themselves. By simply telling someone, “I know you can be a great leasing consultant!” or “I truly believe you will make a great manager someday soon!” you give them what they long for inside and a goal to shoot for on the outside. Give them the tools to do their jobs-Have you adequately equipped your people for success? Do they have the training they need to be effective at what you’ve asked them to do? Do they have the resources, tools, guidance and leadership that they need? If you’re not sure…ask your people! Reward People Specifically and CreativelyEveryone has different things that will motivate them. Some of your people would rather have a Starbucks gift card today, than wait until the end of the quarter for a small bonus. Some associates don’t want an “Employee of the Month” certificate and would rather be allowed to leave early. Find out what specifically motivates your people and do those things. Know what your people really want out of their career-then show them how to get it! Take an interest in your people’s life and be the “good teacher” that can show them how to go where they want to go. You will earn their trust, appreciation and loyalty. About our Featured Expert Like many of you, Rommel Anacan has been involved with the residential property management industry for years, and somehow survived! Prior to founding The Relationship Difference Rommel worked at both the on-site and corporate levels, where he developed a reputation for solving common industry challenges in uncommon ways. Today, he works with leading companies and organizations nationwide as a speaker, trainer and strategist, utilizing a “Win With People” message and approach that works. www.relationshipdifference.com Follow Rommel: